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Activity Games for Dogs
Nina Ottosson
Activity Games for Dogs
Activity Games for Dogs
Activity Games for Dogs
Activity Games for Dogs
Activity Games for Dogs
Activity Games for Dogs

Activity Games for Dogs

A fun and rewarding way to stimulate your dog's brain
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Nina Ottosson
  • Fun for you and your dog
  • Tricky and rewarding
  • For dogs of all ages

Activity games are a really fun and rewarding way to stimulate your dog and help you get to know each other better! This activity game comes in various levels of difficulty and can be made easier or harder depending on your dog's previous knowledge and experience.

To play the game, start by hiding small treats in the various holes and blocks. Then guide your dog to help it figure out what it needs to do to get the treats out of the puzzle. The activity games are based on and constructed according to dogs' natural instincts and movements, which helps them understand how the game works.

The activity games will provide both you and your dog with many hours of fun together. You will get to know your dog even better than before and you will learn plenty from each other.

Choose between three different games based on their level of difficulty.

Level 1: Dog Smart
An easy and fun game where you hide treats in the holes and place blocks of wood on top of them. The dog has to remove the blocks to reach the treats. Diameter: 23 cm. Height: 6 cm.

Level 2: Hide n' Slide
A medium level game where you hide treats in the holes as well as in the upside down cups. The holes are covered by small fins that the dog needs to push out of the way to reach the treat. The dog then has to push the cups to the hole to get the second treat to fall into it. Length/width: 33.5 cm Height 5 cm.

Level 3: Dog Worker
A tricky and challenging game where the dog needs to think in several steps to get the treats out. It can only reach one treat at a time and has to spin the centre wheel, turn the fins and push the upside-down cups over to the holes. Diameter: 34.5 cm. Height: 5 cm.

Nina Ottosson has developed fun, tricky and challenging games for dogs for over 25 years. The activity games should not be used without the owner's supervision.

The activity games are made of a food-grade composite material that combines the best qualities of wood and plastic. The composite is more durable than regular wood and does not splinter. The parts can also withstand moisture and are easy to clean with a bit of warm water and washing-up liquid.
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Activity Games for Dogs
A fun and rewarding way to stimulate your dog's brain
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