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Ceramic cooler for Tetra Pak Magisso
Helps Tetra Paks stay cool
€ 33.80
Anti-odour Smellsfine 4-pack
Jan-Erik Otterstedt
Neutralises foul odours
€ 14.90
Collapsible foot bath
Easy to store and take with you on the go
€ 17.50
Carrying bag for balls
Neat bag for many different types of balls
€ 19.90
Award winning spatula that can divide, cut, and turn
€ 14.90
Rotatable plate
Practical coaster that lets your plate rotate
€ 17.50
Rinse tray for the sink
Get a cleaner sink and more workspace
€ 5.90
Clamp for soda cans
Smart cover for the opening
€ 1.50
Sleeping rest for the car
Let your passenger rest
€ 34.80
Flower fakir
Create unique flower arrangements with only a handful of flowers
From € 9.90
Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Christian Jonasson
Create professional bouquets at home
€ 29.50
Magnetic coffee cups Silwy, 2-pack
Ensures that your morning coffee stands firmly
€ 48.80
Inflatable SUP-board for 2 people
Paddle by yourself or with a friend
€ 587
Inflatable kayak
Alone time on the lake or quality time with someone
From € 275
Inflatable kayak and SUP-board
Perfect for beginners as well as more advanced paddlers
€ 798
Insect net with magnetic lock
Closes automatically after you have passed through
€ 15.90
Knife tool for hunting and fishing
Jaffar Amini
With the seven different functions you won’t have to bring multiple tools
€ 249
Small greenhouse for potted plants
Foldable and easily mounted protection
€ 18.90
Farming tunnel in plastic
Perfect for your vegetable patch
From € 19.90
Farming tunnel in non-woven fabric
Quick and easy to assemble
From € 19.90
Suction cup hook, 4-pack
Can be attached to most surfaces
€ 11.90
Bread tongs with magnet
Retrieve the bread from the toaster
€ 5.90
Bottle cooler with handles
The perfect gift that cools the bottle down
€ 7.90
Desk pad with QI-charging
Protects the table and charges your phone
€ 109
Rechargeable handsfree fan
Dual fans keeps your head cool and gives you both hands free
€ 17.90
Pocket-sized picnic blanket mini
Easy to always carry with you
€ 25.90
Ring light for computers
Enhances the lighting of your videos
€ 19.90
Smoke oven for the grill, Muurikka
Easy to bring in the boat or carry in the backpack on excursions
€ 79
Magnetic long drink glasses in plastic Silwy, 2-pack
Perfect when you want to enjoy a drink or some ice coffee
€ 48.80
Magnetic wine glasses in plastic, Silwy 2-pack
You can now place your wineglass on slanting surfaces
€ 48.80
Branch cutter kit
Nordic Pocket Saw
Bring down the highest branch from the tree without using a ladder
€ 159
Self-adhesive shoe holders, 4-pack
Smart storage for shoes and slippers
€ 12.90
Silicone lids 10-pack
Reusable lids for bowls and lunchboxes
€ 14.90
Magnetic champagne glasses in crystal Silwy, 2-pack
Nice crystal glasses that stand steady when your boat is leaning
€ 48.80
Magnetic Champagne glasses in plastic Silwy, 2-pack
Enjoy a cooling drink in the boat or the camper
€ 48.80
Pool- and beach blanket
For the picnic and water games
€ 49.80
Wrap holder, 4-pack
Practical stand for soft tortillas
€ 4.90
Beverage holder
Hang your beverage around the neck
€ 4.90
Activity game for the trampoline, Playfinity
Compete against your friends on the trampoline
€ 80
Activity game with a ball, Playfinity
Smart activity ball that registers your throws and tricks
€ 90
Heat poncho
Adjust the heat with the remote
€ 70
Yoyo for keys
Smart keyholder with extendable string
€ 5.90
KeySmart Keyholder Original
Contains 8 keys, easy access to the key you need
€ 19.90
KeySmart Keyholder Rugged
Can hold up to 14 keys, just fold out the key you need
€ 32.90
My recipe collection, Bakers edition
Perfect for every baking enthusiast
€ 30.50
My recipe collection, Cookbook
Gather all your favourite recipes
€ 30.50
Adjustable cutlery tray
Easily adjusted to your kitchen drawer
€ 49.70
Knife with scissor-function
Cut the vegetables directly down into the pot
€ 24.90
Ice cream scooper with opening function
Forms the perfect ice cream scoops
€ 29.90
Sunglasses with readers
Only bring one pair of glasses
€ 60
Disposable Potty for Children
Perfect to bring on camping trips and other outdoor excursions
€ 3.50
Beach pool with toys
Give the youngest family member a great day at the beach
€ 34.80
Foldable reading glasses in a case
Carry in your pocket or attach to the backside of your phone
€ 19.90
Contour template Wolfcraft
Smart tool for installing carpets and floors
€ 19.90
Key stash with code lock
Hide the extra key to the summer cabin but allow workers or neighbours in
€ 60
Wineglass holder Vingel 2-pack
Anna-Karin Nilsson and Hanna Nilsson
Keeps the wineglass standing on rough terrain
€ 24.90
Rechargeable air pump
Inflate balls and fill the tires of cars and bicycles with air
€ 60
Foldable bicycle lock
Prevents your bicycle from being stolen
€ 159
Stainless steel barbecue basket
Perfect for vegetables and seafood
€ 35.80
Waterproof padlock
For all kinds of weather
From € 25.90
Double-sided Gorilla Tape
Perfect for the DIY enthusiast
€ 9.90
Shoehorn with a test button for smoke alarms
Anders Hansson
Easily reach the test button on your smoke alarm
€ 8.90
Pocket-sized frisbee that is easy to throw
€ 7.90
Grill hook North Hook
Tobias Gustafsson
Smart tool for lifting, turning, and moving the steak
€ 19.90
CableTube Cable holder
Claes Hansson
Hide your cables and gather them in one place
€ 5.20
Taco holder, 4-pack
Smart holder for hard taco shells
€ 4.90
Small battery-powered string lights with tiny leaves
String lights to decorate your table with
€ 4.90
Battery-powered string lights with eucalyptus leaves
€ 22.50
Solar-powered string lights, fireworks
Decorative lights for bushes and plants
€ 21.50
String lights with hanging lightbulbs
Festive decoration for the patio
€ 44.80
Solar-powered garden torch
Lights up with a flickering glow
€ 25.90
Solar-powered path light, Florian 47 cm
Lights up when dusk falls
€ 26
Solar cell flower on a stick, Daisy
Decorative garden light that is charged by the sun
€ 18.33
€ 22.90
Heating pad
No more cold bums
€ 55
Rechargeable handheld fan
Cool yourself at home or bring to the next outing
€ 15.90
Gardening gloves for children
Even the youngest ones can help in the garden
€ 5.90
Coffee filter made of linen
An environmentally smart way to drink coffee
€ 11.50
Tail rope holder for Y-beam
Torbjörn Såthén
Reach the mooring rope from your boat
€ 49.80
Storage bag for vegetables
Extends the shelf life of your vegetables
From € 27.90
Scanner for slides & negatives with monitor
Save your old images digitally
€ 139
Electric screwdriver
Facilitates both small and large jobs for all DIY enthusiasts
€ 70
Large thermos for food and ice cream
Perfect for a field trip with the whole family
€ 42.40
Global Cooling — the game
Climate-smart game for 2-6 players
€ 55
ECO-plastic cutlery, 4 pcs
Ues your picnicware over and over again
€ 2.50
Automatic watering system
Keep your garden flourishing when you are away
€ 49.40
Massage hook
Massage your own back
€ 22.90
Chafe protection for tail rope
Perfect for the boat or a jetty
From € 13.90
Study things at a detailed level and save images and videos
€ 70
Mobile Holder with wireless charging
Wireless charger with automatic arms
€ 39.80
Drying rack for the sink Magisso
Drying rack for the sink Magisso
From € 31.90
Mobile ring light
Improves the lighting for selfies and portrait photos
€ 24.90
Anti-odor sole
Cut along the lines to achieve preferred size
€ 8.90
Barefoot soles, 6 pairs
Moisture absorbing Deo soles for your shoes
€ 7.50
Fire escape ladder
Climb out through the window in case of emergency
€ 100
Box for Swedish crispbread
Keeps the bread dry and the cupboard free from crumbs
€ 5.90
Satake children's knife with cut-safe glove
A real knife for children interested in cooking
€ 29.90
Nordic walking poles with suspension
BungyPump of Sweden
Go for a walk no matter the season, and combine strength with stamina
€ 95
Magnetic mount for smoke detectors
For when you cannot, or don't want to, drill into the ceiling
€ 6.90
Cheese cover
Store the breakfast spread in the best way
€ 7.90
Popcorn bowl for the microwave, 2-pack
Homemade popcorn in 2-3 minutes
€ 22.90
Magnifying glasses
Makes reading and working at a level of detail easier
€ 7.90
Rechargeable foam pump dispenser
Automatic soap pump dispenser that creates wonderful soap foam
€ 23.90
€ 29.90
Softybag armchair
Comfortable lounge chair for the beach and the pool
€ 60
Mini fire alarm
Compact fire alarm with 10 years battery life
€ 27.90
Jump starter and Powerbank
Compact jump starter for car and boat batteries
€ 129
Chainsaw Premium Edition
Nordic Pocket Saw
Swedish high-quality saw that fits in your pocket
€ 99
Sprayer 2.2 Litres
Large sprayer for water, fertiliser and plant protection products
€ 10.90
Northrack roof rack
Andreas Magnusson
Soft roof rack that fits most car models
€ 169
Softybag stool
Inflatable stool for the beach and picnics
€ 39.80
Charging station for the whole family
Quickly charge up to five devices at the same time
€ 70
Tage Norén
Makes it easy to saw crown mouldings
€ 27.90
Food thermos
Fantastic thermos flask for picnics and the outdoors
From € 39.40
Dish sponge holder Magisso
Smart magnetic holder for dish sponges
From € 27.90
MOB Rescue Line
Lars-Håkan Lindqvist
Easy Access Rescue Line at Sea
€ 95
Cake slice Magisso
Smart and elegant cake slicer
From € 11.90
Bath shelf Tubble
Adjustable bamboo tray for the bath
€ 43.80
Mosquito Head Net
Prevents mosquitoes from irritating your eyes and ears
€ 16.50
Open-up frame, Lil DaVinci
Smart drawing frame with built-in storage
From € 39.80
Adapter tealight into candlestick
Emelie Nilsson
Transform your tealight holder into a candlestick
€ 7.50
Adapter long candle to tealight
Emelie Nilsson
Transform your candlestick into a tealight holder
€ 7.50
Dog Frisbee
Fun dog frisbee made of durable natural rubber
€ 23.90
Storage bag with cooling compartment
Large bag for lunchbox, drinks and game
From € 36.80
Zip-bags for tablets, 8-pack
Put your medicine doses in small bags
€ 6.90
Bag hooks for the car, 2-pack
Smart hangers for bags, shopping bags and handbags
€ 14.90
Magnet hooks, 4-pack
Four strong hooks with inbuilt super magnet
€ 9.90
Neoprene bottle bag
Smart bag, for your water bottle
€ 17.90
Travel towel Matador
Super light towel for taking on trips
From € 22.50
Portable gas stove
Easy-to-use gas stove approved for indoor use
€ 49.40
Floating Mora knife with serrated blade
Morakniv AB
High-quality outdoor knife that floats in water
€ 29.90
Watertight aluminium tin
Make sure your small items stay dry
From € 8.50
Watertight bag, Droplet
Mini bag for wet swimwear or to protect your valuables
€ 19.90
Bee Hotel
Settlement for the valuable bees in the garden
€ 19.90
Laptop stand
Adjustable laptop stand that's easy to transport
€ 15.90
Bike protection Velosock
Protect your home when you carry in your bike
€ 65
Killnoise Ear plugs
Dampens the volume without damaging sound quality
€ 5.90
Pizza scissors
Easily cuts pizza slices without scraping your plate
€ 32.90
Self-adhesive wallpaper for colouring in
5-metre self-adhesive wallpaper for colouring in
€ 25.90
€ 32.90
Radiator brush
Clean hard to reach places
€ 22.50
Anti-theft rucksack, Bobby Soft
Soft rucksack that keeps your possessions safe
€ 81
Hurricane candle holder
Paul Rösth
The Kattvik candlestick keeps flames lit in windy weather
€ 57
Stainless steel lunch box
Oven, microwave and warming cabinet safe
From € 29.90
Silicone muffin cups
Reusable moulds for cold and hot pastries
€ 14.90
Face Mask for running
Specially designed fabric mask for training and running
€ 34.80
Rain cover for shoes and trousers
Olle Mattsson
Stay dry on the way to and from work
€ 29.50
Wireless heated belt
Portable belt with soothing self-heating feature
€ 90
Insect bite healer
May relieve itching and swelling associated with insect bites
€ 34.80
Foldable brush
Handy lightweight multi-brush that fits in your pocket
€ 8.50
Bottle top herb planters, 3-pack
Grow seeds and cuttings in your empty bottles
€ 11
Cable box with charging stand
Hides cables while you charge your devices
€ 35.90
USB-C to USB adaptor
Converts your USB-C port into a standard USB port
€ 19.50
Bookmark with magnifying glass
Super thin bookmark with large magnifying glass
€ 4.50
Silicone travel bottles
Durable silicone bottles for soaps and creams
€ 18.50
Neck strap for AirPods, 2 pack
Ultra light safety cord for your AirPods
€ 15.50
Magnetic torch
Bright multi-use torch with built-in magnet
€ 37.40
Grappling Anchor
Olle Mattsson
Makes anchoring in natural ports easier
€ 39.40
Anti-theft shoulder pack
Easy to pack safely for a day in town
€ 47.40
Cleaning kit for AirPods
Clean your AirPods and charging case
€ 16.90
USB to USB-C adaptor
Converts your regular USB port into a USB-C port
€ 12.50
Foldable snow shovel
Handy lightweight shovel for the car
€ 37.40
Thermos mug
Practical Thermos mug for cold and hot drinks
From € 33.80
Citrus juicer
Strong lemon squeezer with ergonomic handle
€ 32.90
Collapsible foam roller
The world's first collapsible foam roller
€ 75
Trac Grabber grips for car tyres
Gets you out when you're stuck
From € 70
Garlic Press
Strong garlic press with ergonomic handle
€ 26.90
Electric lice comb
Effectively removes head lice without lice shampoo
€ 26.50
Posture Balance balance seat
Emma Pihl, Henrik Bie
Turn your office chair into a balance chair
€ 99
Folding chair with upholstered cushion
Comfortable, padded seat and adjustable backrest
€ 33.80
Collapsible backrest
Light and flexible seat pad with backrest
€ 22.50
Egg blower
Handy little gadget that empties the contents of eggs
€ 4.50
Garlic freezer tray
Handy freezer tray for perfectly-sized garlic cubes
€ 12.90
Skosh cleaning tablets 3-pack
Invented by students!
€ 7.90
Skosh cleaning kit
Time to start cleaning your home in an eco-friendly way!
€ 18.50
Rechargeable headlamp
Lightweight headlamp that gives out a bright light
€ 46.40
Waterproof headphones
Wireless sports headphones that can be submerged in water
€ 57
Waterproof speaker
Robust beach speaker with powerful sound
€ 100
Waterproof shoulder bag
Lightweight and flexible bag that keeps your possessions dry
€ 29.80
Telescopic barbecue skewer
Secure barbecue skewer for hot dogs and marshmallows
€ 9.90
Necklace with ring holder
Jennifer Welde
Hang your ring securely around your neck
€ 95
Candle snuffer Vekvaka 4-pack
Automatic candle snuffer for candles
€ 39.80
Squatty Potty travel toilet stool
Sit correctly on the toilet with a portable collapsible footstool
€ 34.40
Squatty Potty collapsible toilet stool
Gives you an optimal sitting position on the toilet
€ 34.40
Smart baby socks, Stuckies Ull
Celina Saffar
Soft wool socks that don't slide off the foot.
€ 10.90
Oyster glove
Protects the hand while opening oysters.
€ 15
€ 19
Premium LED tall antique candle 2-pack
35 cm Tall candles with realistic flame
€ 35.90
Hamburger press Zyliss
Easy to use press that makes compact hamburger patties
€ 29.50
€ 36.80
Bottle warmer for your car
Portable warmer for baby bottles with 12-volt plug
€ 31
Collapsible drying rack
Smart drying for socks and underwear
€ 14.90
Automatic soap pump
A fantastic way to get soap on your hands
€ 21.87
€ 27.90
Long reflector band
Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Long reflector band for a bag or a leash
€ 19.90
Sprout tray 2-pack
Grow your own sprouts from small seeds
€ 11
Soft, stainless steel coffee filter
Reusable multi-use filter for coffee makers
From € 23.90
Bottle cooler
Effective cooler for wine and champagne
€ 27.90
Lasagne pan
Ulf Bork
High sided pan that perfectly fits pasta strips
€ 20
Shelf with lamp socket, dimmer and USB
Illuminated surface with USB-outlet
€ 114
Thin, foldable bamboo cutting board
Stable bamboo cutting board silicone feet
From € 28.90
Hand vacuum with USB
Handy mini-vacuum with USB-cable
€ 15
Small window bird feeder
Practical feed dispenser for hungry small birds
€ 10.90
Premium LED Christmas tree candles 2-pack
Lovely Christmas tree candles with realistic flames
€ 24.90
Shower timer
Keep track of how long you are in the shower
€ 5.50
USB driven fairy lights with green leaves
Lovely fairy lights with USB and remote control
€ 14.50
Signal blocking iPad case with lock
Stephanie Spindler Jonsson
Take a pause from surfing and shows!
€ 44.80
Mobile case with signal blocking
Stephanie Spindler Jonsson
Take a digital pause from your mobile
From € 29.90
Warning light for cars,  Help Flash
Be seen from every direction from a 1 km distance
€ 30.90
Elastic key bracelet
Smart bracelet for your keys
€ 7.20
Textile cable with E27 socket
Designed cable stand fits bulbs of size E27
€ 15.50
€ 19.80
Boxing ball Original
Jacob & Victor Eriksson
Fun exercise accessory for both children and adults
€ 24.90
Ski shoulder-strap, pro
Christian Carlsson
Swedish-developed carrying strap for all types of skis
€ 49.70
Tea Strainer Drosselmeyer Premium
Erik von Schoultz
Elegant tea strainer, even for the finest tea leaves
€ 34.40
Phone security cord
Catches your phone if you accidentally drop it
€ 19.80
Reflective Band for Bags
Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Useful reflector for your bag, backpack or pram
€ 15
Reflective Belt
Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Reflective belt for parties, and every day use
€ 52
Reflective Wrinkled Armband
Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Stylish reflective accessory with stretch elastic
€ 22.50
Reflective Band for Arms and Legs
Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Highly reflective personal reflector that makes you visible
€ 22.50
Reflective Lamp for Your Dog
Soft LED lamp for your dog's collar, lead or harness
€ 16.50
Storage Shelf with Drawer for Kitchen Cupboards
Space-saving storage for the kitchen cupboard
€ 26.80
Adjustable Storage Shelf for Kitchen Cupboards
Extendable shelf on three levels, perfect for 60 cm cupboards
€ 29.80
Inflatable Bathtub Tubble
For everyone that does not have a bathtub, but still wants to relax in one
€ 169
Potato ricer
Mash more potatoes at the same time
€ 45.40
Satake Sauté Pan in Lightweight Cast Iron
Fantastic sauté pot in non-stick cast iron
€ 95
Starter Kit Bokashi 2.0 Ocean
Bokashi buckets made from recycled fishing nets
€ 169
Rechargeable Lamp with Carabiner
Colourful lamp with rechargeable battery
€ 25.90
Silicone Dummy Case
Keeps extra dummies nice and clean
€ 14.90
Rechargeable LED Armband Slapwrap
Durable reflective armband with LED lights
€ 25.90
The StrongBoy Lid Opener
Easy-to-use opener for jar lids and screw caps
€ 39.70
Premium electric lighter
Premium electrical lighter with rechargeable battery
€ 32.50
Saucepan Lid Holder
Four smart holders for your saucepan lids
€ 22.90
Chopping Board Set with Cupboard Door Storage Rack
Two chopping boards with smart storage
€ 44.80
Mini Chopper
Easy-to-use chopper for small vegetables
€ 34.90
HEXA wooden knife magnets
Ola Särén
Handmade knife holders in walnut, ash and oak
From € 109
Laptop Table, Height Adjustable
Perfect for the home office
€ 29.50
Battery-Powered Garden Candle
A lovely garden candle to welcome your guests
€ 14.90
Reflective Tassel
Katarina Sjöblom och Carin Ahlberg Giddings
Elegant tassel in soft reflective material
€ 13.90
Smartline Outdoor Plug IP44
Mobile-controlled Bluetooth outdoor timer
€ 29.90
Starfish Hair Trap
Effective hair catcher for the bathtub
€ 5.50
Grater Spoon
Sharp grater that fits in your cutlery drawer
€ 18.90
Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle NozzyGlider
Donald Hamilton
Makes it smooth and easy to vacuum
€ 19.50
Winter Cover for Pot
Insulating protection for large outdoor pots
€ 22.50
Magnifying glass with LED lights
Magnify and illuminate
€ 9.90
 Eco Pan Frying pan
Durable pan with vegan non stick coating
From € 65
Brelock, Lid & Butter Knife for Philadelphia Cheese
Raimo Kautto & Jouni Kautto
Smart lid With smart concealed butter knife
€ 7.90
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