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Foldable Reading Glasses, ThinOptics

Fold them up and put them on your keyring
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  • Fold up and store in the clever case
  • Firm grip on your nose
  • High-quality lenses

These foldable reading glasses from ThinOptics can easily be unfolded and placed on your nose whenever you need to read small print. When not in use, the glasses are kept in a clever case that can be attached to your keyring.

The reading glasses do not have any temples but still stay firmly put even if you tend to lean your head forward when reading. The lenses come in a variety of strengths. To use the glasses, press them out of the case with your thumb and place them on your nose. It is equally easy to fold them back up into the case and use the keyring to attach the case to your keys, handbag or backpack so that you always have your glasses at hand.

These reading glasses have been tested on hundreds of different noses and fit the large majority of them. However, there are as many different noses as there are people, so try putting the glasses on different places on your nose until you find the spot that works best for you.

The elastic bridge between the lenses is made of extremely durable Nitinol (nickel titanium) which keeps the glasses on your nose and is ten times more elastic than spring steel. The bridge is also encased in medical-grade silicone so that they are comfortable to wear.

The lenses are the same kind of lenses found in other high-end glasses and sunglasses and are made by one of the world's largest and most advanced optical lens manufacturers.

The reading glasses come in either black or brown and the lens strength is available from 1 to 2.5.
Case dimensions: 7.5 cm x 4 cm x 1 cm
Glasses dimensions: 11 cm x 3 cm x 0.2 cm

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