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Smart housewarming gifts

Bring a fun moving-in gift with you to your next housewarming party! But knowing what a good moving-in present might be isn’t always easy. If you’re looking for tips for a housewarming gift, you’ve come to the right place! We have lots of smart presents, whether you’re looking for something small, big, simple or flamboyant as a moving-in gift.

A moving-in present for a house

Will this be the first time the recipient has lived in a house? If so, it might be a good idea to give them the kind of gadget you don’t know you need until you become a homeowner. Our roof scraper is one such product! Perhaps not something you think about until your roof is covered in moss and leaves. Does the recipient enjoy gardening? Well, we have lots of garden products available to get the lawn looking great. Our ergonomic weed removers gives the user the strength to do some work in the garden. The rose gloves have an extra-long shaft and will protect the wearers arms from prickly thorns. Our large window bird feeder is the perfect gift for bird lovers. We also have innovative cooking productscar accessories and clever outdoor lighting items. Another moving-in gift tip is to give something personal. Give them an app-operated photo frame and upload pictures to it.


A moving-in present for a flat

A moving-in present for a first flat is an exciting find. Here, you can find things in our kitchen category and also great items for cleaning and laundry. A hair trap for the drain is something that’s sure to be appreciated when moving away from home. It makes sure to catch all the hair in the shower before it blocks the drain.

For smaller flats, compact living is a common phenomenon. For this, we recommend our vacuum bags, which make it easy to stow away blankets and clothes. Another fun moving-in gift is the classic board game. Perfect for all ages and you can play together! 

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Large Bird Feeder for Windows
Transparent bird feeder for small birds
€ 16.54
€ 23.30
Bokashi 2.0 Starter kit
Compost starter kit using the Bokashi method
€ 155
Spatula with measurements
Great ladle and efficient spatula made of silicone
€ 14.50
Electric blanket
Large soft blanket with six temperature settings
€ 58
Bags for potatoes and onions
Keeps produce fresh longer and stops sprouting
€ 10
Frameo Digital Photo Frame
Share photos with friends and family
From € 107
Vulkanus Knife Sharpener
Sharpen your knives so they feel good as new!
From € 95
Ergonomic weeder
Olle Danielsson
Ergonomic grip, removes weeds by the roots
€ 8.70
Vase with bouquet support
Pascal Charmolu
Suitable for bouquets and single flowers
From € 38
From € 48.60
Glass sprouting jar
Easy to grow nutritious sprouts
€ 19.50
Clever Recycling Bags, 4-pack
Flexible bags that make recycling easy
€ 23.90
Automatic soap dispenser Otto
Easy and economical soap dispensation
€ 43.80
Decorative lighting with timer
Lovely lights made of white sandstone
€ 29.10
Microwave grill
A grilled finish in just a couple of minutes
€ 48.30
Sagaform Cheese Dome
An elegant cheese tray with a protective cover
€ 38.90
Tea Strainer Drosselmeyer Premium
Erik von Schoultz
Elegant tea strainer, even for the finest tea leaves
€ 33.60
Pot Strainer
A flat strainer that is easy to store
€ 24.30
Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Christian Jonasson
Create professional bouquets at home
€ 28.80
Oil Burning Candles 4-pack
Angel Velitchkov
The light bearers
€ 9.30
Lasagne pan
Ulf Bork
High sided pan that perfectly fits pasta strips
€ 19.50
Premium LED candle
Authentic light  from only a few meters away
€ 13.20
Indoor Grow Box
Grow your own salad or extend the shelf life of your herbs
€ 73
Fabric and linen spray
An environmentally friendly fabric and linen spray that freshens your clothes
€ 8.70
Parasol base for wooden deck
Göte Hurtig
Movable stable base for the parasol
€ 126
Portable Table Tennis Set with a Net
Play table tennis on the kitchen table
€ 43.80
Rose Gloves
Durable garden gloves that protect your hand and arms against thorns
€ 23.90
Solar Cell Outdoor Thermometer
Large outdoor thermometer with a LED light
€ 11.60
Bed pocket
Clever storage compartment for your bed and sofa
From € 21.40
Small window bird feeder
Practical feed dispenser for hungry small birds
€ 10.60
Lento Fire Alarm
Easy to install and features 10 years of battery life
€ 41.40
Tree kit
Grow your own indoor tree
€ 30.70
Drosselmeyer Orb Candlestick
Erik von Schoultz
Cast iron candlestick that lets your candles burn down completely
€ 28.80
Easy Clean Garlic Press
Incredibly easy to clean
€ 11.20
KAI Bread knife
Cut freshly baked bread with Japanese precision
From € 93
Malleable vase
Adjust the vase to fit your bouquet.
€ 8.50
Vulkanus Mini knife sharpener
Small knife sharpener that sharpens all kinds of knives
€ 58
Walnut knee tray with anti-slip function
Harald Hynell
Luxurious knee tray with an anti-slip surface
From € 61
Bee's wrap - sustainable food wrap
Protects food and covers bowls
From € 8.50
Invisible shelf 3-pack
Staple your books in a creative way
From € 38.90
Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatter
An efficient insect racket with a light
€ 28.80
Short Tapered Premium LED Candles
15 cm tall, realistic candles
€ 26.20
Vacuum bags for clothing, pillows & duvets
Pack bulky textiles down flat and airtight
From € 5.80
Boot jack with shoe horn
Pascal Charmolu
Robust and easy to store
€ 29.10
Kupu Fire Alarm
Stylish, safe, and easy to mount
€ 38.90
Moisture measurer for potted plants
Indicates when the plant needs watering
From € 6.70
Thin, foldable bamboo cutting board
Stable bamboo cutting board silicone feet
From € 28.20
Baking Mat for Crispy Cooking
Make your food crispier and healthier
€ 33
Hair catcher for drains
Krister Bengtsson
Catches the hair in the shower
€ 5.40
Small Shelves in a pack of 3
Three practical wall shelves to display nice items on
€ 24.90
Bee Hotel and Shelf
Igor Nosov
A safe home for wild bees
€ 48.60
Keeps bread fresh for longer
€ 15.40
Colouring poster
Large poster with hundreds of details to colour in
€ 31.70
Electric lighter
Chargeable lighter  doesn't require gas
€ 18.40
Knife magnet
Jennie Josefsson
It is now easy to hang up your kitchen knife
€ 9.30
Night Lamp with Light and Motion Sensors
Shows you the way in the dark
€ 19.40
Foldable Cooking Thermometer
Fast digital meat thermometer
€ 34
Adjustable shelf for pots & pans
Clever storage for saucepans, frying pans & lids
€ 38
Glass Carafe with Cooling Rod
Pascal Charmolu
Keeps the drink cool throughout the entire meal
€ 48.50
Silicone Oven Tin
A thin baking tin with sturdy sides
From € 21.30