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Smart protection against mosquitoes & wasps

Get rid of mosquitoes or wasps this summer with our clever mosquito and wasp repellent devices. Our efficient protection repels mosquitoes and wasps and catches flies. We have a range of specially selected products including our fly and wasp trap, the Waspinator, insect net, Citronella mosquito candle and our best-selling Thermacell mosquito repellent.! We also stock fly swatters, spider catchers and a great pair of tick tweezers.

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Fly Swatter
Kersti Edenheim & Krister Karlsson
Eliminates flies and leaves no trace
€ 6.80
Spider Catcher
Easily catch spiders and release them
€ 17.10
Pollen net
Lets in light and air but keeps the pollen out
€ 9.70
€ 14.60
Electric Flyswatter
Quick aid against flies and wasps
€ 11.30
Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatter
An efficient insect racket with a light
€ 28.90
Waspinator, 2-pack
Scares wasps away
€ 19.10
Thermacell Mosquito Repellent
Creates a 20 square metre mosquito-free zone
€ 44.90
Umbrella Food Cover
Keeps unwelcome pests away from your food
From € 9.70
Care Plus Natural Mosquito Repellent
Natural protection against mosquitoes, ticks, and gnats
€ 23.30
Mosquito Head Net
Prevents mosquitoes from irritating your eyes and ears
€ 16.20
Mosquito net for beds
Protection from nightly bites
From € 31.30
From € 39.10
Lid for fizzy drinks
Matthias Karthäuser, Marcus Åsberg & Simon Andersson
Keep drinks fizzy with a properly closed lid
€ 2.90
Airhouse, Insect screen for outdoor parasols
Maria Liljekvist
€ 274
Insect net for windows
Keeps mosquitoes outdoors
€ 11.70
Insect Net with Magnetic Lock
Stops insects from coming inside the house
€ 15.70
Fly and wasp trap
Effective outside trap for use against flies and wasps
€ 7.30
Citronella candle bucket
Mosquito-free nights
€ 2.40
Mosquito trap with camping lamp
Rechargeable camping lantern, mosquito trap & torch
€ 31.80
Tick Twister 2-pack
Remove ticks quickly and safely
€ 7.30
Citronella Mosquito Candles 15-pack
Keeps the mosquitoes at bay
€ 8.70
Fly-trap for windows, 10-pack
Transparent glue trap for the window
€ 5.60
Insect Net for Doors
Keeps mosquitoes and flies outdoors
€ 12.20
€ 16.60