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Smart gifts for sports & the outdoor life

Great outdoor equipment makes an active life easier and much more fun! Browse our wide range of clever ideas for an active outdoor life and our smart solutions for beach days or picnics in the park. This is the place to see for lovely presents for lovers of the outdoors. We have a wide range of gifts for a special someone who loves nature, day hikes and just being in the forest. Browse our gifts for sport enthusiasts who love to run, cycle and exercise.

We have a range of practical and portable products that make it easy to be outdoors. Check out our light-as-a-feather bar soap, our pocket shower gel, the practical multi-use cutlery Spork and a complete barbecue kit with fire-steel, tinder and barbecue fork that makes it easy to light fires wherever you are. And don't miss the fantastic water-purifying water bottle that makes sure you always have access to drinking water.

We have a range of solar-powered electronic products including the solar-powered Power bank, a dynamo-powered torch, the solar-powered light Little Sun and a survival radio. You will always have light and power for your mobile phone with these clever solar-powered solutions.

Keep insects away with tick tweezers, mosquito repellent patches and the mosquito protection device, the Thermacell. We also have mesh mosquito nets for your bed. Try our toe warmers and hand warmers for warm hands and feed, or check out the Swedish designed neck warmer GoS Extreme to stay comfortable around the collar.

If you're out on a day trip, our lunch boxes and Thermos flasks keep your food at just the right temperature. We have cooling rucksacks, collapsible picnic blankets that hardly take up any space, and comfortable back supports alongside nifty inflatable sofas! Or you can forage for mushrooms with our durable mushroom bag!

You won't be able to resist our lovely gifts for sport and outdoor activities. Drop in to our Stockholm shop or order online! Fast green shipping.

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Inflatable SUP-board for 2 people
Paddle by yourself or with a friend
€ 563.14
Power Bank with Dynamo Hand Crank
A perfect extra battery in the case of a power outage
€ 47.77
Softybag sofa
Inflatable sofa with headrest
€ 47.50
Windfree Noise-dampening ear protectors
Dag Nordström
Filters out disruptive wind noise
€ 28.50
Large thermos for food and ice cream
Perfect for a field trip with the whole family
€ 41.63
Easy grip ski holder
Krister Ruth
A practical holder forcross country skis & and poles
€ 16.19
Springyard Hand warmers
Get warm fast. Reusable.
€ 7.50
Waterproof Backpack with Light, 20 litre
Kourosh Mohajeri & Tezha Mohajeri
Waterproof backpack with bright LED lights
€ 95.53
Fixclip Mini Clothes Pegs, pack of 16
Pontus Göth and Göran Ewerlöf
Clothes pegs that can withstand storms
€ 5.63
Åsa Magnusson
Pocket-sized inflatable lifebuoy
€ 66
ThinOptics fold-flat sunglasses
Cool sunglasses that fit in your pocket
€ 95
Shoe studs
Durable metal studs to be screwed onto the shoe
€ 33.39
Neoprene bottle bag
Smart bag, for your water bottle
€ 17.20
Pocket hand-wash
50 paper-thin soap leaves for freshening up on the go
€ 6.20
Mushroom bag
Kerstin Gunnarsson
Foldable basket that fits in the pocket of your coat
€ 24.44
Banana case
Protects both straight and curved bananas
€ 6.64
Blister-Prevention Sports Socks
Perfect for exercising, hiking and long-distance running
€ 38
Soap leaves for laundry
50 thin laundry wash leaves
€ 6.20
Berry clean-up tray
Separate berries from leaves & twigs
€ 4.63
Food container with cooling lid
Carolina Sundberg
Keep your food cold for up to 7 hours
€ 16.19
Pocket Chainsaw
Nordic Pocket Saw
Saw through trees and branches, fits in your pocket
€ 47.46
Care Plus Natural Mosquito Repellent
Natural protection against mosquitoes, ticks, and gnats
From € 16.19
Portable Wax Stand
Bengt Nordström and Niclas Grön
Portable wax stand for all cross-country skis
€ 62.35
Skis for your pram
Stefan Bjurhammar
Make your pram easy to handle in the snow
€ 57
Softybag armchair
Comfortable lounge chair for the beach and the pool
€ 57
Waterproof shoe covers
Reusable and portable
€ 13.88
Collapsible Berry-Picker
Björn-Åke Sköld, Kerstin Gunnarsson
Useful lingonberry & blueberry picker
€ 23.83
Pipinette travel potty, Holder
Carola Nilstein. Design: Olle Gyllang
A small & practical travel potty
€ 15.10
Wineglass holder Vingel 2-pack
Anna-Karin Nilsson and Hanna Nilsson
Keeps the wineglass standing on rough terrain
€ 23.83
Åsa Magnusson
A practical belt that turns into a life jacket in three seconds
€ 123
Nasal Filter
Protection against pollen and pollution
From € 5.60
Cooler Backpack 21 litres
A comfortable backpack with an insulated cooler compartment
€ 47.77
Stainless steel lunch box
Oven, microwave and warming cabinet safe
From € 28.66
Bee's wrap, sustainable sandwich paper
Environmentally friendly sandwich wrap
€ 13.30
Knife tool for hunting and fishing
Jaffar Amini
With the seven different functions you won’t have to bring multiple tools
€ 238
Strap with quick release buckle
Hardwearing and easy to use
From € 7.14
Survival radio FM/AM
Solar and dynamo charged
€ 94.53
Fastgrip ski carrier with wall mount
Krister Ruth
A complete kit tocarry and store cross-country skis
€ 24.74
Flash light with USB port
Strong LED light with chargeable battery
€ 9.40
Portable Washing Machine
The Scrubba makes it easy to wash while travelling
From € 40.73
Shoe Dryer
Dries and warms shoes and boots
€ 42.64
Berry Belt
Joanna Holmgren
Keep your hands free while picking berries
€ 31.17
Chainsaw Premium Edition
Nordic Pocket Saw
Swedish high-quality saw that fits in your pocket
€ 95.53
Mora Knife with Ignition Steel and Sharpener
Morakniv AB
A super-sharp survival knife with a carbon steel blade
€ 66.37
Pipinette travel potty egonomic handle
Carola Nilstein. Design: Olle Gyllang
Ergonomically designed travel potty
€ 19
Annika Öhberg & Nicklas Öhberg
Rotating snack box
From € 19
Solar Lantern
Foldable, waterproof and long-lasting
€ 27.65
Carrying Strap for Skis
Leaves your hands completely free
€ 14.20
Foot Warmer
Warm feet all day
€ 5
Handkerchief holder with cotton handkerchiefs
Reuseable handkerchiefs in cotton
€ 23.83
Reflective badge
Fashionable reflexes that are visible from a distance
€ 11.06
€ 14.28
Relaxback, fold-up back rest
Anette Larsson
Sit comfortably at your outing
€ 70.39
Wrist Warmer
Warms the hands at the office or on a walk
€ 14.28
Disposable Potty for Children
Perfect to bring on camping trips and other outdoor excursions
€ 3.32
Holder for fishing tackle
Dan Näslund
Practical storage for your fishing rod
€ 9.40
Magnetic Reflector
Easily attached with a strong magnet
€ 6.60
Pocket-sized picnic blanket mini
Easy to always carry with you
€ 24.70
Solar Powerbank
Powerful portable battery with two charging sockets
From € 71.40
Stainless steel thermos, 330 ml
Keeps the temperature all day
€ 30
Electrical heated vest, Men's
Camilla Wallin
Vest with adjustable hear
€ 190
Lifeline with Lifebuoy
Åsa Magnusson
Easy to throw and inflates as it touches the water
€ 85
Mosquito Head Net
Prevents mosquitoes from irritating your eyes and ears
€ 15.79
Purifying water bottle
Purifies water from taps and watercourses
From € 52
Solar Lamp Little Sun Diamond
A bright lamp that charges quickly in the sun
€ 33.20
Hand warmer
Warm your handsquickly
€ 2.92
Ski shoulder-strap, pro
Christian Carlsson
Swedish-developed carrying strap for all types of skis
€ 47.40
Solar Panel Lamp Little Sun
5 hours in the sun gives up to 50 hours of light
€ 25.60
Spork, Titanium
Joachim Nordwall
The ultimate camping cutlery
€ 22.40
Toe warmer
Stays warm for 8 hours
€ 2.92
Water Bouncing Ball for Dogs
Activate the dog & train fetch on the beach
€ 9.05
Grill Grate
Light My Fire
Grill over an open fire
€ 23.43
Reflective Umbrella
Protects you against rain and makes you visible
€ 37.81
Tick Twister 2-pack
Remove ticks quickly and safely
€ 7.14
Grill Fork for Sticks, 2 Pack
Light My Fire
The perfect grill fork for the campfire
€ 10.46
Neck warmer GoS Extreme
Anna-Lena Engman & Anette Jonsson
Keep your neck and throat warm. 100% merino wool
€ 28.76
Smoke oven for the grill, Muurikka
Easy to bring in the boat or carry in the backpack on excursions
€ 76.43
Swedish FireSteel Spark Ignitor
Light My Fire
The ever reliable Spark Ignitor
€ 19
Watertight aluminium tin
Make sure your small items stay dry
From € 14.28
Cane shoe with ice spike
Staffan Skeppstedt
Stable grip with a collapsible ice spike
€ 11.30
Long sitting pad Sagaform
Soft rectangular blanket for picnics and excursions
€ 23.70
Travel Daypack
A light, strong and flexible backpack
€ 33.20
Waterproof shoulder bag
Lightweight and flexible bag that keeps your possessions dry
€ 33.49
Carabiner hook with combination lock
Ulrika Nordenstam
Hang up your things and keep them safe
€ 14.28
Electric scooter VEIO Nordic Edition
Swedish-designed electric scooter
€ 571
Floating knife from Mora
Morakniv AB
Perfect for an excursion or a fishing trip
€ 28.66
Food thermos
Fantastic thermos flask for picnics and the outdoors
From € 37.81
Heating pad
No more cold bums
€ 52
Insect bite healer
May relieve itching and swelling associated with insect bites
€ 33.39
Mosquito Repellent Care Plus DEET 40%
Effective protection against mosquitoes and ticks
€ 22.70
Nordic walking poles with suspension
BungyPump of Sweden
Go for a walk no matter the season, and combine strength with stamina
€ 90
Pocket picnic blanket
Lightweight, durable and waterproof
€ 35.20
Pocket shower
Shower where you want to
€ 32.08
Wetsuit changing mat
Changing mat and waterproof bag
€ 37.10
Glasses with reading window and colored lenses
Polarised sunglasses for all kinds og weather
€ 76
Lunch bag
Spacious bag for lunchboxes and picnics
€ 38
Mini Freezer Packs
Handy freezer packs that retain heat or cold
€ 5.20
Satake Storm Lighter
Elegant gas lighter
€ 36.91
Snack bag
Recyclable bag for snacks and sweets
From € 11.40
Water Purifying Tablets
Jan Olof Eriksson
Easy water purification at home or when travelling
From € 15.18
Inflatable kayak and SUP-board
Perfect for beginners as well as more advanced paddlers
€ 765.26
Mosquito trap with camping lamp
Rechargeable camping lantern, mosquito trap & torch
€ 31.17
Pipinette for trips, absorbent bags as a 3-pack
Carola Nilstein
€ 6.60
Telescopic barbecue skewer
Secure barbecue skewer for hot dogs and marshmallows
€ 9.40
The Skin Agent Anti-Chafing Stick
The Skin Agent
Prevents thigh chafing and abrasions from clothing
From € 15.18
Changing Robe
Warm changing poncho for year-round swims
€ 168
ECO-plastic cutlery, 4 pcs
Ues your picnicware over and over again
€ 2.41
Hand warmer with power bank
Fast-heating rechargeable hand warmer
€ 47.20
Phone security cord
Catches your phone if you accidentally drop it
€ 18.90
Softybag stool
Inflatable stool for the beach and picnics
€ 38.21
Thermos mug
Practical Thermos mug for cold and hot drinks
From € 32.48
Changing Poncho
Protects and warms
From € 44.30
Eclipse wearable light clip
Super bright and easily attached with a clip
€ 31.17
Electrical heated vest, Women's
Camilla Wallin
Fitted vest with flexible heating zones
€ 190
Folding chair with upholstered cushion
Comfortable, padded seat and adjustable backrest
€ 35.90
Ice Grips with Velcro
Easy-to-use ice grips
€ 7.50
LED slap band
Glow in the dark LED light and reflective
€ 16.79
Reflective spray permanent
Carina Lind
Reflective spray for bicycles, prams, helmets etc.
From € 17.20
Snow sculpture sack
Elin & Magnus Holmgren
Make sculptures with any kind of snow
€ 28.50
Zip-bags for tablets, 8-pack
Put your medicine doses in small bags
€ 6.60
Anti-slip heel device
Sturdy anti-slip heel device with strong grip
€ 18.60
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