Paper towel holder for cupboards and shelves
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Paper-towel holder wall mount

Hang up and hide away your paper-towel
€ 23.20
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  • Hang over the cabinet door
  • Hang under the shelf
  • Attach to the wall

This convenient paper towel holder reduces clutter in your kitchen. With the two metal clips the holder is easy to move around and sits sturdily over both cabinet doors and under shelves.

This paper-towel holder maximises the space in your kitchen and is easy to access when needed. .

The cylinder that is placed in the paper-towel is sturdy making it easy to roll out your paper without the risk of it falling out of the holder.

You can attach it do the cabinet doors and kitchen shelves or under the sink if you don't want it to be seen.

Instead of attaching the holder with the metal clips you can even screw it into the wall.

The paper-towel holder can be attached anywhere in your kitchen. It is 2.7 cm wide. Metal clips, screws and plugs as well as a manual with clear picture instructions are included.

Measurements: 30.5 cm x 16 cm x 13 cm
Manual with picture instructions
2 x Metal clips
2 x Screws to attach the metal clips
2 x Screws for mounting the holder on the wall
2 x Plug for mounting the holder on the wall

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Paper-towel holder wall mount
Hang up and hide away your paper-towel
€ 23.20