Microwave grill

A grilled finish in just a couple of minutes

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    • Lovely crispy finish
    • Have food on the table in a few minutes
    • Dishwasher safe

    Get dinner on the table quickly with this microwave grill. Perfect for hamburgers, fish, shellfish and vegetables or making toasted sandwiches. The microwave grill has a non-stick finish so you can cook without adding extra fat or oil. Great crispy finish.

    Cook your food faster than on the barbecue. Prepare a range of delicious food on the grill. Season your food and put your meat, vegetables, mushrooms, pizza, fish or shellfish on the grill. Your dinner will be ready after just a few minutes. Vegetables take five minutes, meat six-eight minutes and shellfish takes just two minutes.

    The microwave grill has a non-stick surface made of steel and high-quality silicone. The microwave grill uses electromagnetic waves to generate heat. The metal surface can reach temperatures of up to 240 °C. The grill is partially made of metal but its special design allows it to be used in the microwave.

    The grill comes with an instruction book in English featuring recipes and cooking times for a 900-watt microwave. You can adjust the times to fit a microwave with lower wattage but the grill is not compatible with a microwave with a higher wattage than 900 watts. Cooking times can vary.

    Be careful not to burn yourself when removing the grill. Keep the grill horizontal so you don't spill any hot liquid on yourself. The grill is designed for use with wooden or plastic utensils so you don't scratch the surface.

    The grill fits microwaves that have a diameter of at least 28 cm. The grill is 17.5 cm x 12 cm. Wash the entire grill in the dishwasher after removing the handles.

    Height: 4 cm
    Length: 25,5 cm
    Width: 15 cm
    Weight: 0,66 kg
    Recipe- & instruction book: in a variety of languages including English, Danish, Finnish, Spanish

  • Article nr: 13011
    Stock availability: 8
    Height: 5,5 cm
    Length: 25,5 cm
    Width: 15 cm
    Weight: 0,66 kg

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