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ZipHolder keeps your zipper up
Lisa Sjövall
ZipHolder keeps your zipper up
Self-locking ZipHolder
Fastening the ZipHolder around the button keeps your zipper up
ZipHolder is a Swedish invention
Zipholder comes in a 3-pack

ZipHolder, fly holder

Keeps your fly zipped up
€ 3.80
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Lisa Sjövall
  • A clever thing to hold your fly zip up
  • Avoid changing misbehaving zips
  • Made in Sweden

ZipHolder is a smart little zip holder that keeps the zip handle on your trousers firmly in place.

Attach ZipHolder to your trousers by threading the ZipHolder through the hole in the zip handle you usually use. After it is secure, thread the hoops through each other and put one end over the button in your trousers over the zip. Your fly is now closed, and won't open again until you want it to!

ZipHolder was developed by Lisa Sjövall and is made in Sweden.
Delivered as a 3-pack.

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ZipHolder, fly holder
Keeps your fly zipped up
€ 3.80