Cool down your home and cool off with smart fans

Staying cool and comfortable on hot summer days is essential for us to fully enjoy the summer. An efficient and reliable fan can therefore be a great solution to cool down your home and make your indoor environment more comfortable. Below, we have gathered our range of smart fans and products that help create a cool and cosy atmosphere.

Tips to cool you and your home 

  • Use fans: Fans are an effective way to circulate air and cool down a room. Place fans strategically to maximise airflow and the movement of cool air. Our rechargeable floor fan is portable, allowing you to move it around for best effect.
  • Open windows at night: In the evening and during the night, temperatures can be cooler. Open windows to let in cool air and let it circulate through the room. To keep you cool all night long, our cooling water pillow is also available.
  • Keep your head cool with our cooling cap. Perfect for those really hot days!

How to choose the right fan

When choosing a fan, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, consider what type of fan is best suited to your needs - a floor fan, table fan or perhaps a USB-powered mini fan? Also consider the capacity and noise level of the fan - a quiet fan is often preferable in the bedroom, while a more powerful model may be better suited to the living room. Also look at any additional features such as remote control, timer or different speed settings to find the fan that best meets your requirements.
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Cooling hat Cooling hat

Relieve a headache with cold or heat

From 47.50 €
Viktor Ström Viktor Ström
Soapstone heating pad, Ergostone Soapstone heating pad, Ergostone
Soft sand cushion that warms or cools
143 €
Cooling Water Pillow Cooling Water Pillow
Fill with water and cool off feverish foreheads
18 €
Table Fan Gingko Table Fan Gingko
For pleasant breezes
90 €
USB Desktop Fan USB Desktop Fan
A small and handy fan for your desk
14.20 €
Collapsible dog pool Collapsible dog pool
Durable dog pool for summer fun
41.40 €
Rechargeable floor fan Rechargeable floor fan
Tackle the summer heat with powerful cooling
190 €
Cooling bandanna for dogs Cooling bandanna for dogs
Keeps your dog cool for hours
From 6.60 €
Cooling dog mat Cooling dog mat
Keeps the dog cool during hot days
16.10 €
Table fan with cooling effect Table fan with cooling effect
Small powerhouse for pleasant breezes
40.50 €
Rechargeable handsfree fan Rechargeable handsfree fan

Dual fans keeps your head cool and gives you both hands free

17.60 €
Eva Lundkvist Eva Lundkvist
Heatable scarf Heatable scarf
Heatable scarf to tie around your neck, back and stomach
34.20 €
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Cooling towel Cooling towel
Cooling sports towel that keeps you cool for a long time
8.10 €
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