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Just in
Spoke reflectors
36 reflectors making you visible on your bike
€ 9.40
Springyard Hand warmers
Get warm fast. Reusable.
€ 6.60
Electric Pillar Candles, 4-pack
Realistic electric candles made of wax
€ 28.50
Baking Mould, Silicone Beams
Anna Hägerstedt
Flexible baking moulds for fudge, chocolate, caramel and more
From € 21.70
Backpacks and bags Check out our bicycle accessories!
Bee's wrap, sustainable sandwich paper
Environmentally friendly sandwich wrap
€ 13.30
Alarm clock for heavy sleepers
Peter Jungvid
Wakes you up effectively with vibrations and a loud sound
From € 85
Portable Make-up light
Chargeable lamp, perfect for doing your make-up
€ 21.72
Grill for microwave
A grilled finish in just a couple of minutes
€ 47.10
Smart reflective aids & rain gear Smart and practical bathroom accessories
Microfibre Cloth for Windscreens
A window cleaner, ice scraper, and rubber scraper all in one
€ 11.30
Vacuum bags for clothing, pillows & duvets
Pack bulky textiles down flat and airtight
From € 5.61
Premium LED candle
Authentic tea light with long battery life
€ 12
Silicone baking tray
Anna Hägerstedt
Fast and easy baking for your favourite hard candies
€ 17.60
Hasselback slicer
Sandra Larsson
Slice the perfect Hasselback potatoes
€ 4.30
Standing Christmas Star
An easy to place Christmas star with timer
€ 21.30
Springyard Hand warmers
Get warm fast. Reusable.
€ 6.60
Neck warmer GoS Extreme
Anna-Lena Engman & Anette Jonsson
Keep your neck and throat warm. 100% merino wool
€ 28.50

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