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Just in
Solar cell flower on a stick, Daisy
Decorative garden light that is charged by the sun
€ 18.07
€ 22.60
Bike protection Velosock
Protect your home when you carry in your bike
€ 64
Smart Hanger
Åke Asplund
Keep track of your belongings
From € 8.80
Smell Well Fragrant Shoe Inserts
Smell Well
Removes moisture and odours
From € 8.80
Knife tool for hunting and fishing
Jaffar Amini
With the seven different functions you won’t have to bring multiple tools
€ 246
Magnetic coffee cups Silwy, 2-pack
Ensures that your morning coffee stands firmly
€ 48.20
Pocket-sized picnic blanket mini
Easy to always carry with you
€ 25.50
Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Christian Jonasson
Create professional bouquets at home
€ 29.10
Smart reflective aids & rain gear Smart and practical bathroom accessories
Large Bird Feeder for Windows
Transparent bird feeder for small birds
€ 23.60
Tarpaulin Clips
Holdon Systems
Self-locking clips that can be repositioned
From € 4.70
Battery-Powered Garden Candle
A lovely garden candle to welcome your guests
€ 14.70
Collapsible Berry-Picker
Björn-Åke Sköld, Kerstin Gunnarsson
Useful lingonberry & blueberry picker
€ 24.60
Collector for Fallen Fruit
Ergonomic fruit collector with a long handle
€ 79
Fossekvasten Boot broom
Joakim Söderman
Keeps both shoes and stairs clean
€ 10.40
Dish-brush and sponge holder
Smart storage for your dishwashing supplies
€ 27.50
Portable sack holder
Thomas Carlsson
Holds the sack to make gardening easier
€ 44.40

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Welcome to SmartaSaker! We have a great range of smart and functional products that are perfect as fun gifts. How about a gadget that doesn't just make your everyday life easier but is also a Swedish innovation? It's important to us that our products stand the test of time. Customer satisfaction is key!