Dog stuff
Dog stuff
Smart dog products, toys and accessories

Smart dog products, toys and accessories

Discover our range of smart dog things and make life with a dog even more fun. We have lots of smart dog toys and dog accessories for your four-legged friend.

A sprinkler mat for the dog, water bouncy ball and a collapsible ball thrower are just some examples of the fun dog toys you can find in our range. We also have several activity games that challenge and reward your dog when it manages to solve the puzzle.

If your dog has a lot of fur, it might get hot easily and need to be cooled down during the hotter days of the year. Our cooling mat, dog collar and water bottle with a bowl are smart tips to have at hand to help your furry companion cool down.

For fur care, among other things, you’ll find a brush glove and a tick remover that’s a good idea to have at hand after a forest walk. And don’t forget to clean up after your dog, our degradable dog bags are an environmentally smart alternative and something every dog owner ought to have with them.

We also have several safety products for your dog. For example, we have a dog tracker with GPS that allows you to see where your dog is, and our various reflective leashes make your best friend visible in the dark.

Are you traveling with a dog? If so, the Swedish-developed seat belt harness is a safe product to use. If your dog is getting older, a dog ramp for the car is smart to use so you don’t have to lift the dog up into the car.

At SmartaSaker we have products for small dogs as well as big ones, so you and your furry companion can have fun together!

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Doggles sunglasses for dogs Doggles sunglasses for dogs

100% UV protection, easy to put on

28.40 €
Ear protection for dogs Ear protection for dogs
Let your doggy avoid loud noises
88 €
Ann-Sofie Hermansson Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Long reflector band Long reflector band
Long reflector band for a bag or a leash
21.40 €
Agneta Pamp & Patrik Filliol Agneta Pamp & Patrik Filliol
Dog towel Dog towel
Dry your dog quickly
8.20 €
Dog Activity Ball Dog Activity Ball
Durable dog ball made of natural rubber
From 7.60 €
Inflatable collar Inflatable collar
Comfortable collar for cats and dogs
From 24.30 €
Dog Toy, Floating Sausage Dog Toy, Floating Sausage
A fun water toy that squeaks and floats
12.30 €
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Cooling bandanna for dogs Cooling bandanna for dogs
Keeps your dog cool for hours
From 6.60 €
Sale 30%
Reflective vest for dog
Silver reflective vest for the dog
5.68 €
8.10 €
Brush glove for dog & cat Brush glove for dog & cat
Soft and gentle pet de-shedding glove
10 €
Dog Water Fountain Dog Water Fountain
Your dog's own water fountain
42.80 €
Bergsten Tomas Bergsten Tomas
Seatbelt Harness for Dogs Seatbelt Harness for Dogs
Keeps your doggy safe in the car
From 83 €
Mini light for your jacket Mini light for your jacket
Light up your jacket, your bag or your dog leash
1 €
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Water bottle with bowl Water bottle with bowl
Always have water for your dog
6.60 €
Water Bouncing Ball for Dogs Water Bouncing Ball for Dogs
Activate the dog & train fetch on the beach
11.90 €
Dog Sprinkler Mat Dog Sprinkler Mat
A fun sprinkler mat that keeps your dog cool
32.30 €
GPS for dogs GPS for dogs
Easy-to-use GPS tracker for dogs
53 €
Sale 25%
Tick Twister 2-pack Tick Twister 2-pack
Remove ticks quickly and safely
3.90 €
5.20 €
Biodegradable dog waste bags, pack of 50
Environmentally friendly alternative for dog owners
4.70 €
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Nina Ottosson Nina Ottosson
Activity Games for Dogs Activity Games for Dogs
A fun and rewarding way to stimulate your dog's brain
From 20.90 €
Chargeable leash Chargeable leash
The leash that makes you visible in the dark
45.60 €
Reflective Lamp for Your Dog Reflective Lamp for Your Dog
Soft LED lamp for your dog's collar, lead or harness
18.60 €
Cooling dog mat Cooling dog mat
Keeps the dog cool during hot days
From 16.10 €
Foldable Dog Pool Foldable Dog Pool
Durable pool, holds 100 litres
49 €
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Tick picker 2-pack with case Tick picker 2-pack with case
Effective tick remover with case
6.60 €
Louise Folin, Ylva Folin och Jennifer Folin Louise Folin, Ylva Folin och Jennifer Folin
Dog Hygiene Protection 15-pack Dog Hygiene Protection 15-pack
Effective single-usage protection for your bitch in heat
11.30 €
Light-up dog ball Light-up dog ball
Colour-changing rubber ball that floats
23.70 €
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Collapsible ball thrower with LED ball Collapsible ball thrower with LED ball
Teach your dog to fetch with a colour-changing rubber ball
47.50 €
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