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Do you have a cat at home? Then you probably know how much cats love to play and cuddle. Find fun and smart cat things from SmartaSaker and make sure that your furry friend gets the best in life.

We have, among other things, a cat grooming arch that massages your cat and catches hair. Here you will also find toys, scratching boards and every cat’s favourite - catnip. Also, don’t miss our cat bell. Perfect for outdoor cats to catch your attention when they want to be let in.

Cats are often curious and like to discover their surroundings. So it can be good idea to have a GPS tracker attached to the cat’s collar. With the smart tracker, you can see where your cat is in real time and also see where it has been.

Explore our range of cat accessories and get what you need to give your cat a wonderful life!

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Jorgen Synning, Stefan Hägg och Leif Adolfsson Jorgen Synning, Stefan Hägg och Leif Adolfsson
Cat Doorbell Cat Doorbell
Lets you know when your cat wants to be let in
22.80 €
Doggles sunglasses for dogs Doggles sunglasses for dogs

100% UV protection, easy to put on

23.40 €
Ear protection for dogs Ear protection for dogs
Let your doggy avoid loud noises
85 €
Chargeable leash Chargeable leash
The leash that makes you visible in the dark
43.90 €
GPS for cats GPS for cats
Waterproof GPS tracker for cats
48.20 €
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Tick remover keyring Tick remover keyring
Compact keyring tick remover
4.50 €
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Tick Twister 2-pack Tick Twister 2-pack
Remove ticks quickly and safely
6.90 €
Cat Toy with a Scratching Board Cat Toy with a Scratching Board
A scratching board with fun toys to stimulate your cat
22.80 €
Inflatable collar Inflatable collar
Comfortable collar for cats and dogs
From 27.10 €
Brush glove for dog & cat Brush glove for dog & cat
Soft and gentle pet de-shedding glove
9.60 €
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Cat Arch Cat Arch
Brushes, massages, and stimulates
25.50 €
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