Smart boat products to moor the boat with

It is important to be able to moor your boat safely when it’s in port. SmartaSaker has the tools you need to keep your boat secure. We have rope guards, rope holders and grappling anchors that make it easier for you to jump ashore and moor the boat. The rock wedge also makes it easy to moor the boat. All this helps your moor your boat safely, whether on a pier or a natural harbour.

It is also important to check the rope guards and rope holders regularly to ensure that they are working properly. 

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Torbjörn Såthén Torbjörn Såthén
Tail rope holder for Y-beam Tail rope holder for Y-beam

Reach the mooring rope from your boat

53 €
Unimer Marine Unimer Marine
Smart Snubber Mooring Compensator Smart Snubber Mooring Compensator

Compensators that are easy to fit to your mooring lines

From 16.10 €
Billy Jacquet Billy Jacquet
Rock Wedge Rock Wedge

Moor safely even if the wind changes

71 €
Olle Mattsson Olle Mattsson
Grappling Anchor Grappling Anchor
Makes anchoring in natural ports easier
46.20 €
Chafe protection for tail rope Chafe protection for tail rope

Perfect for the boat or a jetty

From 14.20 €
Nils-Erik Bohman Nils-Erik Bohman
Removable Mooring Compensator Removable Mooring Compensator

Easy to attach, protects your boat and lines

From 24.70 €
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