Hair traps for baths, showers, sinks and floor drains

A hair trap is an effective product that helps prevent blockages in the drain. Here you will find lots of smart hair traps and strainers for the home. Everything from waste strainers for the kitchen sink to hair traps for showers, bathtubs, floor drains and sinks.

The hair trap catches hair and other particles that wash away with the water when you shower, wash or empty the bathtub. The water flows out through the small holes in the hair trap while the hair gets stuck. The hair trap makes it easy to clean the bathroom, and you don’t have to worry about the hair creating problems in the drain.

To prevent food residue from causing a blockage in the drain, we recommend our waste strainer. Keeps the sink clean and collects leftovers and waste which then simply be emptied into the bin.

Here you will find hair traps in different sizes, shapes and materials. A small solution that makes everyday life easier.

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Stainless Steel Sink Strainer, pack of two Stainless Steel Sink Strainer, pack of two

Prevents debris from going down the drain

€ 9.60
Item Watch
Linda Nydenmo Linda Nydenmo
Bath Strainer Bath Strainer
Debris and hair-free drain
€ 7.70
Bath plug with hair trap Bath plug with hair trap
Catches the hair that falls down the drain
€ 9.20
Starfish Hair Trap Starfish Hair Trap
Effective hair catcher for the bathtub
€ 5.70
Krister Bengtsson Krister Bengtsson
Sink Hair Catcher Sink Hair Catcher
Catches hair in the sink or shower
€ 4.30
Krister Bengtsson Krister Bengtsson
Hair catcher for drains Hair catcher for drains
Catches the hair in the shower
€ 5.30
New New
Drain stick Drain stick
Long drain cleaner for sinks
€ 9.20
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