Smart cooler bags and cooler backpacks

There’s nothing better than being able to keep food and drink cool when it's hot outside. With a cooler bag from SmartaSaker, you can keep food and drinks chilled even in the summer and during the picnic season.

We have several models of large cooler bags, insulated lunch bags and smart cooler backpacks that make it easy to carry heavy fridge products on your back. We also have lunch bags that are perfect for days out and are easy to take with you on a trip to the park. Also, don’t miss the smart cooling tray that keeps the butter and yoghurt cold, a perfect gadget for those who want to enjoy a breakfast outdoors.

Choose a cooler bag that suits you and pack your picnic food in smart cooler bags from SmartaSaker. 

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Christina Nordin Cumtell Christina Nordin Cumtell
Cooler for Box Wine Cooler for Box Wine
Keeps your wine box cool
22.80 €
Backpack Cooler 30 litre Backpack Cooler 30 litre
Keep your lunch and drinks cool
36.20 €
Bottle cooler with handles Bottle cooler with handles

The perfect gift that cools the bottle down

8.70 €
Cooler Bag with Ice Packs Cooler Bag with Ice Packs
A practical cooler bag for food and drink
From 17.50 €
Bottle cooler Bottle cooler
Effective cooler for wine and champagne
25.60 €
Foldable stool with cold storage Foldable stool with cold storage
Easy to fold, up to 100 kg
32.90 €
Cooler Backpack 21 litres Cooler Backpack 21 litres
A comfortable backpack with an insulated cooler compartment
45.80 €
Storage bag with cooling compartment Storage bag with cooling compartment
Large bag for lunchbox, drinks and game
From 33.90 €
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