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Find the right final exam gift

Find the right final exam gift

Are you looking for a final exam present? We have final exam gifts for all kinds of professions and ages. Below you will find great tips for final exam gifts, personalised gifts, and fun gifts to give. But what do you buy someone who’s already graduated? For a present that’s sure to be truly appreciated, we recommend giving a gift based on the recipient’s personal interests. If the graduate likes to cook, a kitchen gadget would suit them perfectly, but if they like to travel, our hooded neck pillow could be a better gift. It shuts out the light, shields from other travellers, and supports the head when they want to sleep.

Tips for final exam gifts

  • Inflatable kayak - Give them an inflatable kayak and choose whether you want to gift a kayak with 1 seat or two. Will the person want to paddle out alone or with a friend? The kayak makes a great gift and is perfect for lazy summer days on the water.

Final exam gifts for teachers

  • Satake table grill - The Japanese grill can be placed in the middle of the table and allows everyone to grill together. Now, no one has to be the grill master and grill alone – you can talk and take turns turning the vegetables and skewers.
  • Survival FM/AM radio - A great gift idea for the person who already has A survival radio is something everyone needs and ensures that the owner is never disconnected from the outside world, such as in the event of a power outage. A mobile phone can be charged from the radio with solar and dynamo power and you can hear the news from the radio’s FM/AM bands.
  • Electric screwdriver - For the handy teacher, we recommend our electric screwdriver as a final exam gift. The screwdriver is suitable for small or large jobs, and the motor allows you to tighten and unscrew screws just like a screwdriver.

Final exam gifts for guys

  • Large baking mat with measurements - A nice gift for those who like to bake. The mat has squares, lines, angles and circles, and on one side, there is a centimetre scale and a table showing Swedish baking measurements. On the other side, you will find a similar inch scale and a table with the American and English baking measurements.
  • Book-shaped lamp - This book-shaped lamp is a great decorative light, a smart reading lamp and handy to take in your bag when traveling.
  • Bath shelf Tubble - Give the gift of a luxurious bathtub tray and make sure he can relax and enjoy a nice bath. The bath shelf pulls out and has multiple shelves and holders that allow the recipient to watch a show while keeping snacks and drinks close by.


Final exam gifts for girls

  • Floating Mora knife with serrated blade - A nice knife to give to the outdoor enthusiast. The knife floats in case it’s accidentally dropped in the water and is perfect to take on the lake for her next fishing trip.
  • Tantrix strategy game - A game where she has to rub her brain cells together and practice her logical thinking. Perfect for game nights with friends or for rainy days indoors.
  • Hövding 3 - Give a safe bicycle helmet to a cyclist! Hövding has an airbag, so if she falls, her head is properly protected. A very thoughtful final exam gift.

Final exam gifts for nurses/doctors

  • Rechargeable headlamp - The lamp can be used in any weather and is a perfect gift for those who go out walking or running in the dark.
  • Charging station for the whole family - Make sure the graduate can charge all their devices at the same time. It’s also great for the family, as you can charge up to five phones, tablets or other devices at once.
  • Flower fakir - Give away a flower fakir and make sure the person can always make beautiful flower arrangements. For the budding florist!

Final exam gifts for engineers

  • Foldable iPad stand - A great gift for the recipient to take with them to their new job or for watching series and making video calls. It fits both large iPads and smaller laptops.
  • Backpack cooler 30 litres - A gift that’s suitable for the person who likes to go on outings or have picnics. The backpack keeps food and drinks cold and makes it easier to carry a heavy lunchbox.

Final exam gifts for police officers 

  • Collapsible foam roller - The world's first foam roller is a perfect gift to give as a gift. It folds up and comes in two models: one for deep massages and trigger points and one for gentler exercise.
  • Bikepack backpack - Does the person like cycling? Then we recommend our bike backpack, which is easy to attach to the cargo rack.
  • Silicone lids 10-pack - Perfect for lunchboxes! Now the recipient has a lid that fits all types of bowls.

Final exam gifts for social workers/lawyers

  • Automatic stirrer Stirr - Give the person a little help in the kitchen with an automatic stirrer. It stirs the pot or sauce so that the graduate has time to do other things, such as greeting guests.
  • Solar-powered table lamp - To have in the garden or balcony. A nice light for late summer nights or warm autumn evenings.
  • Shoe dryer Drysure - Keeps shoes and boots dry during the winter months. Dries without electricity, batteries or heat. 

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Anna Haupt & Terese Alstin Anna Haupt & Terese Alstin
Hövding 3 Hövding 3
The world's safest bike helmet with an airbag
319 €
Jennifer Welde Jennifer Welde
Necklace with ring holder, Ringholder 2.0 Necklace with ring holder, Ringholder 2.0
Keep your ring safely around your neck
138 €
Stirr Automatic Pan Stirrer Stirr Automatic Pan Stirrer
Keeps your hands free while it stirs
32.90 €
Waterproof laptop case Waterproof laptop case
Protects your laptop against rain and bumps
72 €
John Andersson John Andersson
Cast iron mortar, Gravitas Cast iron mortar, Gravitas
Hand-forged mortar and spice grinder
62 €
Portable blender Portable blender
Rechargeable blender that crushes ice
47.50 €
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Backpack Cooler 30 litre Backpack Cooler 30 litre
Keep your lunch and drinks cool
50 €
Solar Cell Table Lamp Solar Cell Table Lamp
A waterproof outdoor solar cell light
28.40 €
Charging station for the whole family Charging station for the whole family
Quickly charge up to five devices at the same time
82 €
Foldable Laptop Stand Foldable Laptop Stand

Suitable for iPads and smaller laptops

67 €
Helmet with lights, Lumos Matrix MIPS Helmet with lights, Lumos Matrix MIPS
With MIPS protection for increasing safety
248 €
Bikepack Bikepack
A clever backpack that you can attach to your bike's cargo rack
152 €
Collapsible foam roller Collapsible foam roller
The world's first collapsible foam roller
72 €
Book-shaped lamp Book-shaped lamp
Stylish decorative lamp in smart book form
From 40.50 €
Silicone lids 10-pack Silicone lids 10-pack

Reusable lids for bowls and lunchboxes

17.10 €
Flower fakir Flower fakir

Create unique flower arrangements with only a handful of flowers

From 9.40 €
Bath shelf Tubble Bath shelf Tubble
Adjustable bamboo tray for the bath
52 €
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Anna Hägerstedt Anna Hägerstedt
Large Baking Mat with Measurements, 90x55 cm Large Baking Mat with Measurements, 90x55 cm
Bake without your dough sticking.
55 €
Survival radio FM/AM Survival radio FM/AM
Solar and dynamo charged
114 €
Sale 10%
Electric screwdriver Electric screwdriver

Facilitates both small and large jobs for all DIY enthusiasts

90 €
100 €
Satake Storm Lighter Satake Storm Lighter
Elegant gas lighter
36.70 €
Shoe dryer Drysure Shoe dryer Drysure
Dry the shoes without electricity, batteries or heat
40.50 €
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Tantrix strategy game Tantrix strategy game
Exercise your logical thinking
32.90 €
Morakniv AB Morakniv AB
Floating Mora knife with serrated blade Floating Mora knife with serrated blade
High-quality outdoor knife that floats in water
31 €
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