Fire safety - Good fire protection products to have at home

Make your home fireproof with our smart fire protection products. Fire safety is important to keep in mind no matter where you live or are. If an accident occurs and a fire starts to burn, you should be alerted quickly and be able to take the right action. Choose from several smart smoke alarms and don’t miss our fire blanket, fire extinguisher, fire ladder and escape rope.

In our range, we have several different smoke alarms to choose from. We have designed smoke alarms that notify you if a fire occurs in your home. We have easily accessible fire blankets and portable and easy-to-use fire extinguishers that complement your standard fire extinguisher, which can be taken out quickly should a fire start. With a fire blanket and one of our handy mini fire extinguishers, you can suffocate and extinguish small fires quickly and efficiently before they have time to spread.

Also, don’t miss the fire escape and the smart lifelines you can use to get out of a house or flat. The fire ladder makes it easier for you to get out of the building and the escape rope gives you a safe way out of the apartment.

Make your home a safer place with fire protection products from SmartaSaker.
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Candle snuffer Vekvaka 4-pack Candle snuffer Vekvaka 4-pack
Automatic candle snuffer for candles
37.60 €
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Knut Helleland Knut Helleland
Flamestop candle snuffer Flamestop candle snuffer
Snuffs out candles if you forget
5.20 €
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Fire escape ladder Fire escape ladder

Climb out through the window in case of emergency

103 €
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Lento Fire Alarm Lento Fire Alarm
Easy to install and features 10 years of battery life
46.70 €
Travel smoke and door alarm Travel smoke and door alarm

Fire and burglar alarm

24.30 €
Peter Svedestrand Peter Svedestrand
Lifeline Escape Rope Lifeline Escape Rope
Escape line with harness and friction brake
From 179 €
Fire Blanket Fire Blanket
Smothers small fires
From 20.30 €
Anders Hansson Anders Hansson
Shoehorn with a test button for smoke alarms Shoehorn with a test button for smoke alarms

Easily reach the test button on your smoke alarm

8.40 €
Sale 30%
Kupu Fire Alarm Kupu Fire Alarm
Stylish, safe, and easy to mount
29.40 €
42 €
Magnetic mount for smoke detectors Magnetic mount for smoke detectors
For when you cannot, or don't want to, drill into the ceiling
7.10 €
Fire Detector with WiFi Fire Detector with WiFi
Get notifications on your phone if the alarm goes off
104 €
Interconnectable smoke alarm, 2 pack Interconnectable smoke alarm, 2 pack
All sound the alarm at the same time
37.60 €
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