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Tejp och lim
Fix things with strong tape and super glue

Fix things with strong tape and super glue

Many gadgets and things in the home and garden can be repaired with tape and glue. In SmartaSaker's range, you will find several strong tapes and super glue. In addition, we have Bondic - the liquid plastic that hardens, and FiberFix - the repair tape that is harder than steel.

Tape and glue can be used in many different situations. With Gorilla glue and Gorilla Tape, you can glue and tape most things in the home. We have silver tape, black tape, transparent tape and strong double-sided adhesive tape that can be used when you want to attach two surfaces to one another.

Bondic and FiberFix are particularly useful for repairing broken things and for attaching two pieces to each other when tape and glue don’t work. Bondic is liquid plastic that hardens under UV light and FiberFix is a unique repair tape that is as strong as steel when hardened.

Glue and tape are tools everyone should have in their toolbox. They are often needed and are perfect for permanent repairs as well as temporary solutions. Discover our range of tape and glue. If you have something that needs to be glued or taped, you’ll find the solution here!

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Sugru - fixer's putty Sugru - fixer's putty
Fixes worn out cords, handles and much more!
From 8.33 €
From 10.40 €
Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder
Works where other adhesives fail
22.80 €
Sale 20%
FiberFix Repair Wrap FiberFix Repair Wrap
100 times stronger than gaffer tape
From 14.40 €
From 18 €
Lena & Eddie Dyfverman Lena & Eddie Dyfverman
FixCandle Candle Adhesive FixCandle Candle Adhesive
Keeps your candles secure and steady
11.90 €
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Tarp tape Tarp tape
Reinforces & repairs your tarp
From 8.60 €
Gorilla Tape
Extremely strong, durable and weather resistant
From 14.30 €
Elastic repair patch Elastic repair patch
Permanent repair for tears and holes
19 €
Gorilla glue
Bloody good glue!
11.30 €
Embosser Embosser
Label and organise your belongings
23.70 €
Double-sided Gorilla Tape Double-sided Gorilla Tape

Perfect for the DIY enthusiast

13.30 €
Sale 20%
Transparent Gorilla Tape Transparent Gorilla Tape

Crystal clear tape for discreet repairs

14.33 €
17.90 €
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