Back scratcher
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Back scratcher
Back scratcher

Back scratcher

Scratch those itches you can't reach
€ 6.40
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  • Small and practical
  • Extendable to 51.5 cm
  • Only 16.3 cm when folded up

This extendable back scratcher is indispensable when you have an itch in an awkward place. This a great tool no matter what your age. This clever back scratcher is 51.5 cm long when fully extended and easily reaches anywhere on your back.

There are five metal fingers on the end of the scratcher that itch your back perfectly. The back scratcher is easily folded up when you aren't using it to fit it in your pocket,   backpack or handbag. The back scratcher is small and easy to carry with a weight of around 30 grams. The back scratcher measures 16.3 cm folded up. The back scratcher is made of metal and the handle is covered in rubber.
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€ 6.40