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Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Christian Jonasson
Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
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Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack

Create professional bouquets at home
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Christian Jonasson
  • Easy to make airy bouquets with a lot of volume
  • Allows the bouquet to stand on its own
  • 2-pack: 1 large and 1 small holder


With the bouquet holder Hanataba, you can create professional bouquets on your own. Insert the flowers through the holder, make a little twist, and you have created a spiral formed bouquet with a lot of volume. Lovely to put in a vase but can also stand by itself on a saucer with water.

Hanataba is the Japanese word for bouquet. The Swedish innovation is inspired by the classic bouquet technique that is used to tie spiral formed bouquets.

No prior knowledge about bouquet-binding is needed, and you can combine dried flowers with fresh ones in the bouquet holder.

How to do it

Twist your Hanataba so that the holes in the top and the bottom are on top of each other. Pick over your flowers and remove leaves from the lower part of the stems. Do not cut off the stems yet.

Insert the first flower through the hole in the middle and make sure that the stem comes out through the corresponding hole in the bottom of the Hanataba. Then continue to insert flowers through the inner holes and finally finish it off by filling the outer holes.

Place your bouquet lying down on the table and cut off the stems to the desired length. Then raise the bouquet and carefully twist the top part back (clockwise) until it is completely closed.

Your bouquet is now done! You can pull out and adjust the stems so that they reach the water.

Useful notes

Depending on the thickness of the stems, you can place more than one stem in the same hole. Grass, dried flowers, and other plants can be tied together with a piece of tape at the bottom, which also makes it easier to insert them through your Hanataba. If the stems are too thick (on tulips for instance), you can carefully trim them with a sharp knife.

Hanataba is delivered in a 2-pack with one small, and one larger, flower holder. The small bouquet holder has 7 holes, and the larger one has 19 holes.

Small: Diameter 47 mm, height 40 mm
Large: Diameter 66 mm, height 45 mm

About Hanatabe

The idea for Hanataba came to the innovator Christian Jonasson when he was out on a round trip in Japan and visited a Japanese flower school. The original thought was to form a technical solution that makes it easy to bind a bouquet in spiral form – without any prior knowledge, or the need to master this bouquet-binding technique.

Christian quickly realised that two levels of hollow disks were needed, and that a small ”twist” could achieve the lovely spiral form. However, it was not until he, during a fika in May 2018, realised that he should abandon the thought of the tool being removable, that the product started to pick up speed.

Christian immediately dropped the coffee cup and ran out to the shed to start working on the first prototype.

The bouquet holder did not need to be removable, it only had to be designed until it could be a lovely part of the bouquet! In January 2020, the Hanataba was fully developed and was showcased for the first time at Formex in Stockholm.

Material: stainless steel, reusable aluminium
Cleaning: Washing the product by hand is recommended
Hanataba is a Swedish patent-pending innovation with design protection, brand protection
Innovator: Christian Jonasson

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Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Create professional bouquets at home
€ 28.60