Candle snuffer Vekvaka 4-pack

Automatic candle snuffer for candles
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Silver Matt brass
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    • Extinguishes candles so they don't burn for too long
    • Set of 4-pack
    • Comes in both silver and matt brass colours

    Vekvaka is a smart little candle snuffer that automatically extinguishes your candles in case you forget to blow them out. These beautiful candle snuffers easily slip over the candle and sit there as an extra security measure.

    Set the snuffer on the candle by opening the lid and slip the snuffer over the candle. When the snuffer is correctly mounted, the lid should stand straight up. If the candle burns down to the level of the snuffer

    the lid will close, extinguishing the flame.

    You can adjust the size of these candle snuffers by very carefully bending the arms that hold the candle in or out.

    The candle snuffer Vekvaka is made of stainless steel and comes in two colours.
    Silver is a smooth, polished snuffer of stainless steel. Easy to wash with soap and water.

    Matt brass is created of brass-plated stainless steel. The brass changes colour with time and is affected by moisture exposure, light and temperature. You can clean the brass with a damp cloth with a mild cleaner and warm water.

    Number per package: 4

    These candle snuffers are made by the Swedish company Delta Republic and are a new take on an old classic.

    ATTENTION! The candle snuffer Vekvaka should only be used as an extra security measure in case you forget to blow out your candles. Never leave lit candles unsupervised.
  • Article nr: 13415
    Stock availability: 0
    Depth: 2,5 cm
    Height: 2,3 cm
    Material: Stainless steel
    Quantity per pack: 4-pack
    Width: 2,1 cm

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1 Customer reviews
It is working just fine for now. One weakness can be found in the wick that is smoshed and can be harder to Light up afterwards. My only fear is the durability of this device in the time. To summarize, great purchase but have some doubts about durability.

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Candle snuffer Vekvaka 4-pack Candle snuffer Vekvaka 4-pack
Automatic candle snuffer for candles
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