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Christmas tree watering device

Ensures your tree has water
€ 32.40 / € 18.10
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  • The tree will always have water
  • Holds 5 litres of water
  • Easier to refill

This Christmas tree watering device is a clever package under the tree that holds five litres of water and refills the pot at the base of the tree automatically. The watering device uses siphoning where the water in the pot at the base of the tree holds the same level of water as the device.

Because this watering device holds 5 litres of water, you don't have to water your tree as often. You also avoid needing to crawl under your tree in order to refill the pot. 

Place this soft water holder in the box and thread the tube through the hole. Hold the tube high when you fill the device with water. Screw on the lid. Put one end of the tube into the pot at the base of your tree and hold it in place with the velcro band. Push on the device so that water runs over the base of the tree and into the pot.

Now the water will move through the tube and the water level in the pot at the foot of the tree will hold the same amount of water that's in the device.

Put on the lid. Check the water level in the pot at the base of the tree from time to time. Refill the device as needed.

The tube is long so it can fit different positions and types of pots. Clip the tube to the appropriate length for your set-up and attach it to the device. Tip! If needed, warm the tube with warm water so it's easier to attach.

It is important that the device is placed so that the water level in the device is the appropriate level of water for the pot at the base of your tree. If you have a tall pot at the base of your tree you can place the device on some sort of support base so it is at the correct level to match the level of your pot.

Box with lid, water holding device 5 litres, tube and velcro band.
Box measurements: Width 220 mm x Breadth 220 mm x Height 180 mm
Tube length: 1 metre (can be trimmed)
Velcro band length: 35 cm (can be trimmed)
Box material: PP-plastic (Polypropylene). Free from phthalic acids.
Container material: PVC-plastic (Polyvinyl chloride). Free from phthalic acids.

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Christmas tree watering device
Ensures your tree has water
€ 32.40
€ 18.10