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Click here to get to vacuum bags for travelling
Vacuum bags for travelling
Vacuum bags for travelling
Vacuum bags for travel

Vacuum bags for travel

Saves up to 60% space in your bags
€ 8.80
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  • One package with 4 bags.
  • Rolls up to press out the excess air
  • Protects against insects, moisture and unpleasant smells

Pack smart on your trip and protect your clothing from moisture, unpleasant smells and critters with vacuum bags! Vacuum bags squeezes the packaging and can be used again and again.

These vacuum bags have a ventilation valve to let out the air, but does not let any air back in again. They make it so you don't need access to a vacuum cleaner to empty the air out of the bag.

Lay your clothes in the bag and close the zip-lock. Roll the bag from the zip-lock toward the valve to squeeze out the air. If the air is leaving too slowly, feel free to carefully use your body weight to speed up the process.

Keep in mind that air can seep in if you leave them lying around for an extended period of time. If long-term storage is what you're after, our normal vacuum bags may work better.

Every package includes 4 bags.
Measurements: 40 cm x 60 cm.

ATTENTION! Remember not to fill your bags past the the dotted line on the bag, because they can break if they are overfull.


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Vacuum bags for travel
Saves up to 60% space in your bags
€ 8.80