Bottle brush for carafes

Long carafe brush that reaches into the edges
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    • Clean where you usually can't reach
    • For cleaning carafes, bottles, glasses & vases
    • Soft and pliable with gentle bristles.

    A long bottle brush makes it easier to clean the inside of bottles, carafes, glasses and vases. The soft carafe brush can be bent to reach all the nooks and crannies and gently removes dirt and deposits from the container.

    Narrow dish brush for carafes, bottles, glasses & vases

    The long narrow bottle brush makes it easier to reach down and wash tall and narrow carafes, sports bottles and vases. The sturdy handle gives you plenty of power and the soft bristles effectively scrub glass, plastic and metal containers clean without scratching.

    Easy to store

    The bottle brush is best used with warm water and a little detergent. The bottle brush is easy to store and can either be folded or hung using the hole in the handle.

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    Length: 42 cm
    Colour: White

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