Innovator: Paul Rösth

Candle holder with storm glass, Large

Larger model of the storm-proof Kattvik candle holder
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    • Storm-proof candle holder protects the flame
    • Fine to use indoors & outdoors in all seasons
    • Fits altar candles, church candles, votive candles: Ø50x300mm.

    Candle holder with storm glass Large is the wider and taller model of the Swedish-designed Kattvik candle holder. The beautiful candle holder is equally good for indoor and outdoor use and has a storm-proof glass that protects the light from being blown out. The base of the candlestick is made of stainless steel and is available in several beautiful colours and finishes.

    Longer burning time with protective storm glass

    The large candle holder has a wide base that stands firm even in strong winds. The cylinder-shaped, beautiful storm glass increases fire safety and prevents the candle from being extinguished by the wind. The heat-resistant glass cylinder can also be used indoors to protect the flame from gusts of wind and draughts, extending the burning time and reducing the amount of dripping candle wax.

    Candles that fit in the candle holder

    The Kattvik candle holder Large is used with slightly larger and taller candles that have the dimensions Ø50x300 mm. These candles are often referred to as altar candles, church candles or votive candles and usually have a burning time of 50 hours. Candles with a star-shaped base are usually the most stable.

    Care instructions

    Make sure there is no candle wax left in the foot when you change the candle in the candle holder. If the candle stands unevenly, more candle wax will flow and the candle will burn less. The easiest way to get the candle out of the base is to make a cross with a small knife.

    To avoid sooting the glass with the smoke, use a oven mitt or kitchen towel to remove the glass cylinder before blowing out the candle. NOTE! The storm glass can become very hot when the candle is lit. The glass cylinder can be washed in the dishwasher. The base of the candle holder should only be cleaned with a damp cloth.

    Also available in a smaller model

    The candle holder with storm glass also has a smaller sister product that fits standard candles. You can order the first Kattvik candlestick here., Candle holder with storm glass, original.

    The idea for the Kattvik Candle Holder® was born on a windy picnic!

    It was on a warm summer evening picnic in the small fishing village of Kattvik that Paul Rösth decided to design a storm-proof candle holder. Everything about the picnic was perfect, except that the candle was periodically blown out by the warm evening breeze.

    Pauls named his design after the evening in Kattvik and the popular Kattvik candlestick is now sold in Scandinavia, Europe and the USA.


    Weight of foot: 830 grams
    Weight of glass cylinder: 550 grams
    Material: Stainless steelHeight, including storm glass: 40 cm
    Height, foot only: 9.8 cmDiameter of foot, top: 9 cm
    Diameter of foot, bottom, 16 cmSuitable candles: Altar candles, church candles, votive candles Ø50x300mm, preferably with a star-shaped foot.
  • Article nr: 14059
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: 16 cm
    Height: 40 cm
    Material: Stainless steel
    Weight: 1.4 kg

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