Refrigerated cases for medicines

Cooling cases for insulin & medicine
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    • For insulin and other medicines
    • Keeps cold up to 4 days
    • Holds about 2 insulin pens

    With a cold pack, you can keep insulin and other medicines cool during transport and travel. The water-absorbent cooling case protects the medicine and can keep it cool for up to 4 days with the help of cold water.

    The cooling case consists of a protective outer bag and a cooling inner bag with sewn-in and super-absorbent water spheres. When you soak the inner bag, the water balls absorb the cold water. As the water evaporates, the cold air cools the medicine. Perfect when you don't have access to a fridge, travel far or appear in warmer countries.

    How to do it
    Rinse, fill and soak the inner bag thoroughly with cold water. Place the inner bag in a water bath for at least 45-60 minutes until all the beads inside the bag have absorbed as much water as possible.

    Wring out excess water and wipe the inner bag with a cloth. If necessary, you can adjust the water balls so that they are evenly distributed in the inner bag. Put the inner bag back in the outer bag, place the insulin pens in the zip bags provided and then put the medicine in the inner bag of the cooling case.

    The cold from the water balls lasts up to 4 days depending on the ambient temperature. When the inner bag no longer cools, you can re-soak the inner bag in cold water and reuse the cooling case. For best results, store the cooler in the fridge before leaving home.

    Reusable cooling case
    The reusable cooler case is made of nylon.

    Cooling case
    Holds about 2 insulin pens
    Outer bag: 21 cm x 11 cm
    Inner pouch: 19 cm x 19 cm
    10 zip bags included

    Dimensions zip bags
    Length: 18,5 cm + 2 cm
    Width: 4 cm

  • Article nr: 13867
    Stock availability: 0
    Material: Nylon
    Colour: Black
    Weight: 0,04 kg

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Refrigerated cases for medicines Refrigerated cases for medicines
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