Cover caps 9-pack

Keeps food fresh longer
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    • Elastic closure for different sized shapes
    • Preserves flavours and nutrients
    • Reusable

    Toppit lids effectively protects your food and keeps it fresh for longer. The lids also offer a smart solution for controlling the ripening process of fruit and vegetables. They are also reusable, which reduces waste and promotes sustainable consumption.

    Perfect fit for all containers in the kitchen

    Whether you need to cover a small bowl of fresh berries or larger containers of leftovers, the lids come in a 9-pack of different sizes. At the same time, the elastic closure makes it easy to adapt the lid to different shapes.

    Preserving the freshness of food

    Toppit's lids effectively protect against dehydration and ensure that your fruits, vegetables and salads remain as close to their original state as possible. This allows you to enjoy fresh flavours and essential nutrients for longer than with traditional storage methods.

    Promote or slow down the ripening process

    A unique feature of Toppit's lids is the ability to promote the ripening process of different types of fruit and vegetables. By creating an ideal environment for ethylene gas, which is crucial to the ripening process, you can control how quickly certain foods ripen. This is particularly useful for fruits like apples, tomatoes and avocados, which can positively affect each other's ripening when stored together under a lid. Similarly, the cover can be used to extend the ripening process by sealing fruits and vegetables separately.


    Material: Polyethylene
    Number per pack: 9 (3 large, 4 medium, 2 small)
  • Article nr: 14268
    Stock availability: 59
    Diameter: ⌀14 cm, ⌀20 cm, ⌀26 cm
    Material: Polythene
    Quantity per pack: 9pcs (3 large, 4 medium, 2 small)

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Cover caps 9-pack Cover caps 9-pack
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