Flexible metal straws

Reusable metal straws that can be bent
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    • Foldable stainless steel straws
    • Cleaning brush included
    • Available 4-pack and 8-pack

    Turtleneck Straws are stylish and reusable stainless steel straws that also bend at the top. The metal straws look great in drinking glasses, juice glasses and cocktails and the foldable top of the straw makes it easier to drink directly from glass bottles and soda cans.

    Durable metal straws

    The metal straws can be used in both hot and cold drinks. They do not absorb the flavour or aroma of the drinks and unlike paper straws that slowly dissolve in liquid, metal straws are solid and durable over time.

    Stylish straws to match the drink

    The stylish metal straws are a fun accessory for parties and celebrations and are available in several colours. You can match the straws to different glasses, drinks and beverages and make cocktails, lemonades, iced coffee, smoothies more pleasing to the taste and the eye.

    Smart reusable straws

    The durable metal straws are an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic or paper straws and can be used again and again. Made from food grade stainless steel, they are easy to clean after use in the dishwasher or with the included cleaning brush.

    The straws are sold in 4-packs and 8-packs

    The metal straws are sold in a set of 4 or 8 straws and are available in several colours. Choose between gold, silver and rainbow coloured straws. A narrow cleaning brush for the straws is included in each package.


    Length: 22 cm
    Diameter: approx. 7 mm
    Material: Food grade stainless steel

  • Article nr: 14087
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: approx. 7 mm
    Length: 22 cm
    Material: Stainless steel
    Colour: Gold , Rainbow , Silver

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Flexible metal straws Flexible metal straws
Reusable metal straws that can be bent
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