Flower box balcony bracket

Easy-to-mount balcony bracket for the Lechuza flower box
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    • Hang your flower box on the balcony railing
    • Can also be mounted against the wall
    • Can withstand a load of up to 25 kg

    Easy-to-install balcony bracket that allows you to easily hang Lechuza's self-watering flower box on the balcony railing or against the wall. The sturdy balcony bracket can bear a load of 25 kg and is hidden from view when you look at the flower box from the front.

    Two-piece bracket
    The balcony bracket consists of two parts. Screw one part in place under the flower box using the screws supplied. Then mount the second part either on the balcony railing or against the wall.

    Mounting on balcony railings
    The balcony bracket can be attached around both round and square balcony bars. Make sure you fasten the straps securely around the railing. The straps are gentle on the balcony railing and fit railings with a maximum circumference of 38 cm.

    Once the flower box is hooked onto the balcony bracket, you can use the adjustable screws to straighten the flower box so that it doesn't tilt forward.

    Mounting against the wall
    If you want to mount the flower box on a wall, remove the strap on each holder. Then screw the holder to the wall with suitable screws. NOTE! Screws for wall mounting are not included.

    Once you have screwed the holders on, you can hook the flower box to the wall.

    If your balcony has widely-spaced balcony bars
    If the vertical balcony bars are sparse or uneven, you can buy a stabilizing rail. The stabilization rail ensures that you can mount the balcony bracket on your balcony, regardless of the distance between the bars in your balcony railing.

    Fits the flower box from Lechuza
    The balcony bracket is an accessory that goes with the self-watering flower box from Lechuza. The flower box and the stabilization rail are purchased separately.

    Height: 18 cm
    Depth: 18 cm
    Maximum load: 25 kg
    Material: Fiberglass-reinforced polyamide (PA6 GF35)
    Made in Germany

  • Article nr: 13724
    Stock availability: 9
    Depth: 18 cm
    Height: 18 cm

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