Ice Scrape

Sturdy ice scrape with good grip & smart features
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    • Good grip for right & left handed people
    • Moulded ice scraper that scrapes in all directions.
    • Also has an ice pick and scraper for mirrors & windscreen wipers.

    The Norwegian-designed No Ice, Baby™ PRO ice scraper is a highly effective car scraper. The circular ice scraper scrapes in all directions and can be used inside and outside as it works on both convex and concave surfaces. It also has a flat side scraper for side mirrors, a special scraper for windscreen wipers and an ice pick for stubborn ice.

    Circular ice scraper with good grip

    The circular underside makes it easier to quickly scrape the windscreen, side windows and rear window. Whether you pull the scraper towards you or push it away, the ice scraper scrapes in all directions. The cleverly designed scraper also has a good, ergonomic grip and can be held in many ways by both right and left-handed people.

    Flat ice scraper, ice pick & scraper for windscreen wipers

    For side mirrors and smaller windows, use the straight scraping edge on the short side of the ice scraper. This is similar to a regular scraper and provides good access to small areas. The grooved ice picks on the sides make it easier to gently chip away stubborn frost and ice.

    If necessary, you can also scrape ice from the windscreen wipers. Using one of the ice scraper cavities next to the ice pick or the cavity under the flat ice scraper on the short side, gently pull the ice scraper over the wiper blades.

    Fits in your car door

    The ice scraper is only 4.5 cm deep and can be stored in the space provided by most car doors, or in the glove compartment. You can also hang the ice scraper using one of the various hanging holes.

    Norwegian design

    The No Ice Baby™ ice scraper is developed in Norway and manufactured in Sweden from durable and recycled plastic. The ice scraper is design and patent pending worldwide.


    Material: Recycled polypropylene
    Weight: 75 grams
    Height: 4.5 cm
    Diameter scraper side: 14 cm
    Diameter top side: 15.3 cm

  • Article nr: 14046
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: 14 cm/15.3 cm
    Height: 4.5 cm
    Material: recycled polypropylene
    Colour: Black , Red
    Weight: 0.075 kg

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