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Smarta saker du saknat
SmartaSaker for smarter living

Here at SmartaSaker, you’ll find all sorts of things that every home needs to make everyday life easier and more fun. Today we offer about 800 smart solutions, products that help with everything from broken zippers to safer cycling.

Small problems or large, new items or established favourites — whatever it is you’re looking for, all of our products have three key values in common: Each item has been carefully selected by our curators, each product has been made to be used for a long time, and every item is the answer to a singular question: how can we do something smarter?
It all started in 2006 with the Alligator tear-free onion chopper, a handy tool in the kitchen for fixing everything from a taco buffet to Swedish pyttipanna — in fact, we still sell the Alligator today, that’s how good it is.

It's no coincidence that the Alligator was created by a Swedish innovator. From day one, we have chosen to elevate and promote Swedish innovators and their original products. Today we have more than 240 smart things developed in Sweden, and most of them are also manufactured there.

A warm welcome

Just as our products make everyday life easier, we want to make it easy to shop here with us.
You are always warmly welcome to visit and explore our website — it’s a great place to get to know all of our products in peace and quiet. If you have any questions about them or need assistance with your order, our dedicated customer service team is here to help. They have been highly praised time and time again in our customer surveys and across social media. We also have a physical store located at St. Eriksplan 11 in Stockholm if you ever want to come by in person!


Greener deliveries

Although e-commerce presents several major advantages over traditional businesses, its major environmental challenge is distribution and shipping. Our contribution to the climate is to only use packaging made from recycled paper and plastic. We also make sure to climate-compensate for all of our deliveries.
We work with the Gold Standard-Certified Sodo and Humbo project to offset our CO2 emissions by planting trees in Ethiopia. This noble project aims to plant 1.2 million trees to help strengthen the natural ecosystem of the area and to support community development in one of the world's most vulnerable regions.


Thanks for the tips

We are always looking for new smart things to add to our unique range of products. To this end, we are more than happy to receive tips from our customers. It is through our loyal and smart customers that we have found some of our most popular products around the world. We’ve received tips and innovations from Sweden, the USA, Germany, the UK, and many other countries. Feel free to contact us with your best tips and suggestions! Email us at