Gardening net umbrella

Smart umbrella-shaped garden net
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    • 4mm mesh protects against birds and other pests
    • Accommodates even taller plants
    • Easy to unfold - no assembly required

    Birds, rabbits and other fast-moving garden predators - they're all part of nature's grand plan to keep you on your toes. Amidst all the greenery, there's always something lurking around the corner, ready to taste all that the garden life has to offer.

    The thieving antics of gardening life

    The two- and four-legged saboteurs are numerous, and they're just waiting for your garden to bloom to sink their teeth into it. As soon as you switch off the lights, the thumbs up is given to their sneaky paws and curious beaks. They climb over fences, dive, jump, crawl and sneak through the smallest of gaps. Of course, the scarecrow has long since been sussed out. Once in the garden, they devour everything in their path. Onions, rhubarb and strawberries. Tomatoes and plums. Everything is eaten. They almost gorge themselves, and yet they greedily gobble up every single berry. And they don't leave much of a trail behind them. All you have to go on are the suspicious paw prints in the flower bed. But by then the intruders are already long gone. Full and satisfied.

    Put an end to garden looting

    Now you might think it's high time you kept the delights of the garden to yourself. Nature's food theft has to stop, once and for all. It's not like you inviting nature to a garden party just because you grew some potatoes. Time and time again you are cheated out of your own food. And time and time again, those sneaky intruders come back for more. Thankfully, the party-crashing days are finally over - with garden netting, you're ready for all of nature's surprises.

    An easy-to-assemble garden mesh

    The garden net looks like an umbrella, and works like one - unfold and attach the stake into the ground, about 20 cm, and then anchor it using the included ground pegs. Made with durability and ease of use in mind, the garden net has a sturdy and lightweight frame that easily expands to cover what you need. The unique umbrella design provides plenty of space for your plants to thrive while the 4mm thick mesh protects against all manner of pests. The generous height also leaves room for your larger plants.

    The final piece of the gardening puzzle, pure and simple!

    Specifications, Net umbrella Small

    Diameter: 1.2m
    Height: 75cm
    Colour: Dark green net with black edges, stand in black
    Other: Thickness of net 4mm.

    Specifications, Net umbrella Large

    Diameter: 1.4m
    Height: 90cm
    Colour: Dark green net with black edges, stand in black
    Other: Thickness of net 4mm.

  • Article nr: 14103
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: Large- 1.4m , Small- 1.2m
    Height: Large 90cm , Small 75cm
    Other: Mesh thickness- 4mm
    Colour: Dark green mesh with black edges, stand in black

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