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XD Design is the company that developed the stylish, smart and anti-theft rucksack, Bobby. Bobby was launched in 2016 after a successful Kickstarter campaign and quickly made a big impact online and on social media.

That Bobby quickly became a success is not a surprise. The rucksack was the first of its kind to combine protected zips, hidden compartments and a cut-safe back with a spacious inside that has padded compartments for both computers and laptops.

The rucksack is practical for trips and on your commute to work. The rucksack keeps your possessions safe and is designed so you'll definitely notice if someone tries to get into your rucksack.

Since its launch, XD Design has expanded its range of anti-theft rucksacks which are now available in several different designs including Bobby Elle, Bobby Soft, Bobby Bisz, Bobby Compact and Urban. The original Bobby Original has recently undergone a makeover and is now called Bobby Hero. XD Design has also launched other types of anti-theft bags, such as the bum-bag Urban Bumbag.

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Anti-Theft Backpack, Bobby Hero Anti-Theft Backpack, Bobby Hero
Keeps pickpockets at bay
From 114 €
Theft-safe backpack with encoded lock Theft-safe backpack with encoded lock
Steel encoded lock and water-resistant backpack
109 €
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Theft-safe backpack and briefcase, Bobby Bizz Theft-safe backpack and briefcase, Bobby Bizz
Safe-keeping for your valuables
143 €
Anti-theft shoulder pack Anti-theft shoulder pack
Easy to pack safely for a day in town
52 €
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Anti-theft rucksack, Bobby Soft Anti-theft rucksack, Bobby Soft
Soft rucksack that keeps your possessions safe
92 €
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