Potato pot
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Potato pot
Potato pot
Potato pot
Potato pot
Potato pot

Potato pot

Grow potatoeson your balcony
€ 11
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    • Grow potatoes on your balcony or porch
    • Lift out the inner pot and watch the potatoes growing
    • Freshly grown potatoes all season

      Watch your own potatoes grow in a potato pot! You can grow the potatoes on your decking, balcony or patio. The potato pot is designed for easy harvesting all season without digging the plant up.

      The potato pot consists of an outer pot and a detachable inner pot. The inner pot is placed in the outer pot before planting and filled with soil. Plant up to three potatoes in the pot and fill with more soil. Place the potato pot outdoors in a warm and sunny area and make sure the soil is watered regularly so it doesn't dry out.

      Lift up the inner pot and see the potatoes growing inside. After 8-12 weeks the plants are ready to be harvested for the first time. The potato plants then continue to produce delicious potatoes throughout the season up to the first frost.

      The potato pot is made of recycled plastic and is 25 cm high, has a 30 cm diameter and a 12 litre capacity. Both pots have small drainage holes in the bottom to prevent overwatering.

Quick guide for potato growing:

      1. Pre-grow the potatoes indoors, preferably in an egg carton on a sunny windowsill until they have sprouted.

      2. Assemble the pots and fill with soil up to the middle of the pot. Plant up to 3 potatoes approximately 10 cm apart. Fill up with soil and water generously.

      3. When the leaves have grown to around 10 cm above the soil, fill the pot up with more soil. Push the soil around the potatoes so that the roots can spread and so the potatoes don't turn green. Repeat 2-3 times during the season as the leaves grow.

    4. The first potatoes are ready for harvest after 8-12 weeks (depending on the potato variety),. Lift up the inner pot and carefully harvest the potatoes straight out of the pot. Put the inner pot back and let the new potatoes grow!
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Potato pot
Grow potatoeson your balcony
€ 11
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