Bag hanger and phone stand

Portable bag hook and mobile phone stand in one
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    • Bag holder for under the table
    • Telephone stand on the table
    • Attach the bag with the carabiner

    BagHang+ from KeySmart is a sturdy small bag hanger that gives you a portable bag hook to hang your bag on when there is no hook under the table or bar counter. When you don't have a bag hanging on the bag hook, you can instead place it on the table and use it as a mobile stand.

    Whether you use the bag holder to keep your bag off of dirty floors or as a holder for your mobile phone, it's always practical to take with you wherever you are. The bag hanger is small and light, and with the circular carabiner you can attach the bag hanger to your keychain or directly to the handbag.

    Hang up your bag
    Place the bag hanger on the edge of the table and hang your handbag, backpack or bag on the protruding bag hook under the table. The ribbed hook holds up to 4.5 kg and ensures that your bag doesn't have to sit on the dirty floor.

    The combination of the weight from the bag and the black anti-slip surface on the top ensures that the bag hanger rests firmly on all types of surfaces. The black anti-slip surface that lies against the table is made of a nanomaterial that is gentle on the surface.

    Use as a mobile stand
    When you place the bag hanger on the table, you can instead use it as a telephone stand. You can have your mobile in both landscape and portrait mode, which is convenient both when you want to watch series and when you want to make video calls.

    Fits many different types of tables, desks and bar counters
    The bag hanger can be used on tables, desks or bar counters that are up to about 3.8 cm thick. The bag hook can handle about 4.5 kg weight.

    Weight: 65 grams
    Max weight: 4.5 kg
    Length: 7.4 cm L
    Width: 1.3 cm W
    Height: 1.1 cm folded, 7 cm folded out

    Deep table mount: 6 cm
    Deep bag hook: 3.1 cm

    Carabiner diameter 3.2 cm
    Carabiner opening: 1.3 cm
    Material: Stainless steel
    NOTE! Remove the protective plastic from the black nano bracket before using the bag hanger.
  • Article nr: 13754
    Stock availability: 75
    Height: 1.1 cm
    Length: 7.4 cm
    Material: Stainless steel
    Width: 1.3 cm
    Weight: 0.06 kg

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