Ice Grips with Velcro

Easy-to-use ice grips

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    • Easy to attach to your shoes
    • Sturdy steel grips
    • Fit in your pocket

    These handy ice grips are easily Velcroed to your shoes and the sturdy steel grips prevent you from slipping on icy streets. The grips are easily attached to your shoes and the handy size means you can take them anywhere you go.

    The grips are made of durable rubber and there are five grips of galvanized steel that give you perfect grip when walking on snow or ice. Simply use the long strap of Velcro to attach the grips around the front part of your feet.

    Top tip! If the Velcro strap is too long you can cut it to make it the perfect size for your shoes. The grips are easy to put on and take off and fit right in your pocket when you are not using them.

    Material: Polystyrene, rubber and galvanized steel.
    Length of grips: 3 mm
    Grips dimensions: 12 cm x 5 cm
    Length of Velcro strap: 32 cm
  • Article nr: 13106
    Stock availability: 312
    Length: The Velcro strap is 32 cm long
    Material: Polystyrene, rubber and galvanized steel
    Quantity per pack: Two Ice grips included

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