Bellman & Symfon - Swedish designed hearing aids

The Swedish company Bellman & Symfon was founded by Peter Jungvid in 1988. For over 30 years, Bellman & Symfon's products have helped hearing impaired and deaf people live a more independent and social life with the help of innovative technology.

The first product, Bellman Ringer, was developed by Peter at home in his apartment. Bellman Ringer is a smartphone amplifier with various ringtones that are easier to hear if you are hearing impaired. In 1990, the hearing clinic at Sahlgrenska Hospital heard about Bellman Ringer. Shortly afterwards, the product became an aid used by most hearing clinics in Sweden.

The success of Bellman Ringer made Bellman & Symfon continue to focus on making everyday life easier for deaf and hearing-impaired people. Peter also enlisted the help of Swedish designer Jan Hampf to develop the distinctive design that all Bellman & Symfon products have today.

Since then, Bellman & Symfon have developed innovative home alarm systems, alarm clocks with loud sounds and vibrations, TV amplifiers for hearing aids, hearing protection, moulded earplugs and portable hearing aids that make it easier to hear conversations in social contexts.

The head office is located in Gothenburg, but as Bellman & Symfon's hearing aids have travelled outside of Sweden, they have opened regional offices in Europe, Asia and North America.
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Peter Jungvid Peter Jungvid
Alarm clock for heavy sleepers Alarm clock for heavy sleepers
Wakes you up effectively with vibrations and a loud sound
From 124 €
Peter Jungvid Peter Jungvid
Sound enhancer for the TV, telephone and conversations Sound enhancer for the TV, telephone and conversations
A cutting-edge sound enhancer that aids you in your hearing
336 €
Sale 66%
Peter Jungvid Peter Jungvid
Automatic night-lighting system Automatic night-lighting system
Prevents falls at night
From 143 €
From 417 €
Peter Jungvid Peter Jungvid
Vibrating alarm clock Vibrating alarm clock

Wakes you up with powerful vibrations

104 €
Hearing Aid Neck Loop Hearing Aid Neck Loop

Transfer the audio from your phone, TV and computer to your hearing aid

47.10 €
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