Innovator: Peter Jungvid

Vibrating alarm clock

Wakes you up with powerful vibrations

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    • Wake up by powerful vibrations
    • User-friendly app
    • 10 days battery life

    Swedish company Bellman & Symfon has developed the Vibio alarm clock, perfect for anyone who struggles to wake up or has difficulties hearing a normal alarm clock in the morning. Tuck the vibrating alarm clock under your pillow and when the alarm goes off it will wake you with powerful vibrations.

    Vibio is completely wireless and has built-in Bluetooth, allowing you to pair it with your mobile. Use the Vibio Bed Shaker app to easily set the alarm and then place it under the pillow. As Vibio only vibrates, it doesn't risk waking others, but still makes sure you get up in time.

    After setting the alarm in the app, the alarm clock works even if you do not have your mobile phone nearby. When the alarm goes off, you can pull the red snooze strap once to snooze and twice to turn off the alarm. However, Vibio needs to be connected to your phone for the alarm to be reset or to change the settings in the app.

    The Vibio Bed Shaker app is very easy to use. You can set the time for the alarm, vibration strength and snooze interval. You can also set Vibio to vibrate when you receive a message or an incoming call.

    The vibrating alarm clock has up to about 10 days of battery life and is charged via the USB cable in about 1.5 hours. The alarm clock has two small LED diodes indicating battery status. It also has an On/Off button so you can easily turn it off if you are not going to use it for some time.

    In the box:
    Vibio vibrating alarm clock
    USB charging cable, 1 metre
    Getting Started leaflet: Swedish and English
    Built-in battery: 1Í3.7V AA Lithium-ion
    Bluetooth 4.2: Range approx. 30 metres (Thick walls may restrict the range)

    Compatible with:
    iOS 11 (iPhone 5S or later) and Android 4.4 (or later)
    Appen Vibio Bed Shaker is available for both iOS and Android
    NOTE! Your phone must be paired with Vibio for your settings to be saved in the alarm clock.
    Mobile phone not included.

    Since 1900, Swedish company Bellman & Symfon has designed products that improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss.
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    Height: 3 cm
    Length: 9,5 cm
    Width: 9,5 cm
    Weight: 0,15 kg

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