Book-shaped lamp

Stylish decorative lamp in smart book form
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    • 360 degree lighting
    • Easy to take with you
    • rechargeable battery

    On the surface, this book-shaped lamp looks like an anonymous little notebook. But when you open the book, it turns into a warm, glowing light source that spreads a pleasant and ambient soft light through the frosted pages.

    The book-shaped lamp is stylish to use as decorative lighting and as a cozy little reading lamp. You can choose whether the book should stand slightly open, be halfway open or completely open. The hidden magnets in the binders attach to each other and holds up the book so that the light can shine all the way around.

    The convenient format makes the lamp easy to take with you and it can be hidden in the bookshelf when not in use. The LED lamp is off as long as the book is closed and turns on as soon as you open the book again.

    First use
    Fully charge the battery before using the lamp. When the book lamp is new, it may tend to close when you open it halfway. This is completely natural when the book is new and is easiest to fix by opening it completely and placing it cover to cover for a few minutes. After that, making it stay in a semi-open position is no problem.

    Rechargeable battery
    The rechargeable battery provides about 6-8 hours of battery life with constant use. You will notice that the lamp needs to be charged when the light starts to dim. Charge the battery with the supplied Micro USB cable. The small LED changes from red to green when the battery is fully charged. The charging time is about 4-5 hours.

    Award-winning design
    The book-shaped lamp design has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award.

    Available in two sizes
    The book-shaped lamp is available in two sizes:
    Small: 12.2 cm x 9 cm x 2.5 cm
    Large: 21.5 cm x 17 cm x 2.5 cm

    The cover has a hand-sewn linen cover and the pages are made of water-resistant and durable Tyvek paper.

    Colour temperature: Warm white light 2700K
    Brightness: 400 lumens
    Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
    Lifespan of LED lamp: approx. 50,000 hours
    For indoor use only

  • Article nr: 13621
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    Material: Linen, tyvek paper
    Colour: Brown , Orange

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