Moon lamp

Floating moon lamp that lights up and rotates
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Ash Walnut Black
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    • Floats above the base plate
    • Rotates by itself
    • Three different light modes

    The moon lamp is a fascinating, small decorative lamp that floats, shines and rotates by itself with the help of magneticism. The moon lamp seems to defy gravity and is beautiful to use as a decoration and as a cozy light source in the home.

    3D printed moon
    The moon lamp is made of a 3D-printed plastic material. Craters and other irregularities can be felt on the surface of the moon. The pleasant light shines through the moon and gives a realistic imitation of our real moon.

    Can glow with three different lights
    When the moon lamp is in place over the base plate, you can choose between three different light settings. Press the ON/OFF button repeatedly to switch between warm yellow, warm white and white light.

    A choice of wood types for the base plate
    The base plate included is the secret that makes the moon lamp shine and float freely. The base plate is made of wood, and you can choose between Black, Ash and Walnut.

    How to get your moon lamp in place
    You'll need to have a little patience here. It can be a bit tricky and require a couple of tries before you get the moon lamp in place.
    1. Place the base plate on a flat surface.
    2. Connect the power cord to the base plate.
    3. Using both hands, line the felt pad under the moon lamp with the absolute center of the base plate.
    4. You'll know you have found the right spot when the moon lamp shines with a steady light and you feel that the moon is held in place by the magnets.

    Moon diameter: 14 cm
    Base plate: 12.2 cm x 12.2 cm x 3.4 cm
    Base plate material: Walnut or Ash
    Moon material: 3D printed Polyactide (PLA) plastic
    Colour temperature: 2700K (warm yellow), 3500K (warm white), 5000K (white light)
    Weight: 800 grams
    Power adapter is included.

  • Article nr: 13620
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: 14 cm
    Height: Approx 18.5 cm
    Material: Wood (walnut or ash), polyactide (PLA) plastic
    Weight: 0.8 kg kg

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