Bookman - safe lamps and great reflectives

David Axelsson and Victor Kabo founded the Stockholm-based company Bookman with a shared concept - to manufacture bicycle lights that aren't boring. With colourful, minimalist and functional lights, Bookman's lights have been well received by the general public and institutions such as MoMA, Selfridges and Paragon Sports. Since 2011, Bookman has been expanding the range to include stylish lights and reflectives for everyday use. In 2018, Bookman changed their name to Bookman Urban Visibility, reflecting their commitment to making everyone stylishly visible.
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Reflective stickers for clothes Reflective stickers for clothes
Highly reflective stickers for clothes & bags
9.50 €
Reflective bike stickers Reflective bike stickers
Gorgeous fun prints that glow in the dark
From 6.60 €
Reflective Bands 2 pack Reflective Bands 2 pack

A strong 3M easy-to-wear reflective strap

6.50 €
Magnetic Reflector Magnetic Reflector
Easily attached with a strong magnet
7.50 €
Sale 15%
Mattis Bernstone Mattis Bernstone
Rechargeable Bicycle Lamp Rechargeable Bicycle Lamp
Portable bicycle lamp with bright light
From 28.22 €
From 33.20 €
Eclipse wearable light clip Eclipse wearable light clip
Super bright and easily attached with a clip
31 €
Rechargeable mini light Rechargeable mini light
Water-resistant mini light with rechargeable battery
19 €
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