Innovator: Mattis Bernstone

Rechargeable Bicycle Lamp

Portable bicycle lamp with bright light
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    • Smart elastic mount
    • Up to 70 hours of battery life
    • Rechargeable with USB

    This bicycle light has a powerful and reliable light that lights up the road and ensures that you will be easily seen in traffic. The smart mount makes the bicycle lamp portable as you can easily take the light on and off your handlebars. The lamp has a fixed mode and a flashing mode and also features two different brightness settings so you can set it up exactly as you want.

    The bicycle lamp is available as both a front and rear light in either white or red, respectively. The battery indicator shows you when the battery needs to be charged. The included USB cord lets you charge the lamp in just about 2 hours so that you're always ready to go. The charging port is covered with a silicone lid that lets you safely use the lamp even in rainy and stormy conditions.

    Choosing between fixed or flashing lights can be done with a simple push of a button. The same button also allows you to regulate the brightness of the lamp, going from 30% brightness (front light) or 50% brightness (rear light). You may want to use different settings depending on the season or the ambient light.

    The front light fits all handlebars with a diameter between 22 mm and 42 mm and illuminates the road with a 100 lumen white light. The rear light is conveniently attaches to the frame or under the bicycle seat and works with frames between 22 mm and 32 mm in diameter. The rear light illuminates with a 37 lumen red light.

    Front and rear lights are sold separately.

    Battery life front light
    High brightness (220 lumens), steady: 1 hours
    High brightness (220 lumens), flashing: 3 hours
    Medium brightness (100 lumens), steady: 2.5 hours
    Low brightness (15 lumens), steady: 15 hours
    Low brightness (15 lumens) , flashing: 70 hours

    Battery life rear light
    100% brightness (37 lumens), steady light: 2.5 hours
    100% brightness (37 lumens), flashing: 12 hours
    Eco mode (15 lumens), solid light: 6.5 hours
    Eco mode (15 lumens), flashing: 32 hours
    Pulsing light (37 lumens), 10 hours

  • Article nr: 12418
    Stock availability: 0
    Battery time: Charged in about 2 hours. Battery lasts 2.5-3.5 hours
    Depth: 3.5 cm
    Diameter: Front light fits handlebars of Ø 22mm - 42mm. Back light fits bike frames of Ø 22mm - 32mm.
    Height: 6 cm
    Quantity per pack: 1 bike light
    Width: 3 cm

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