Innovator: Claes Hansson

CableTube Cable holder

Hide your cables and gather them in one place

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    • Facilitates the storing of cables and cords
    • Allows you to shorten the cable
    • Gather multiple cables in the tube

    The cable holder CableTube is a smart, soft, and small tube that you can use to shorten, wire together, and gather multiple cords in one place. With CableTube it becomes easier to keep your desk clean and you can organize your cables and cords efficiently.

    The cable holder works perfectly with both short and medium length charging cables, USB-cables, and thinner cables. Here is how you use CableTubes:

    Shorten a cable

    Insert one end of the cable and wind it up a couple of times until it becomes the desired length.


    Fold the cable in the middle three times and insert it into the tube. The cable is now folded inside the tube. You can store 2-3 shorter cables or 1 longer cable inside of the tube.

    Gather multiple cords

    The cable holder is also a smart solution for when you want to gather multiple cords together, at your desk for instance. Insert the endings in the tube and pull the tube along the cables to the middle. That will hold the cords together.

    The package includes two tubes: one slightly smaller white one, and one slightly bigger green tube. The cable tubes are soft and stretchable which makes it easy while you are winding up or storing a slightly longer cable.

    The cable holders are developed by NEEM Development AB, which is a company based in the town of Växjö.

    Material: Silicone
    Measurements white tube: 5 cm x 1,6 cm in diameter
    Measurements green tube: 5 cm x 1,9 cm in diameter

  • Article nr: 13548
    Stock availability: 48
    Length: 5 cm
    Material: Silicone

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