Cable Strap

Bundles up your cables and keeps them tidy
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    • Keeps your cables tidy
    • Can hold several cables
    • Velcro fastener and loop

    These practical cable straps have a Velcro fastener and can be used either indoors or outdoors to organise your cables and keep them tidy. The cable strap can be used to bundle several cords into a single cable, to prevent your phone charger from getting tangled in your bag, or to hang an electric cable on a hook in the garage.

    Wind up a single cable or place several cables next to each other, then wrap the cable strap around them and secure it with the Velcro. Your cable will now remain just the way you want it and becomes easy to store. The little loop makes it easy to hang the cable on a hook out of the way.

    The cable straps come in two sizes. Choose between a pack of six small cable straps or a pack of four large ones. The cable straps are colour coded to help you find just the cord you need as quickly as possible.

    The small cable straps are handy for keeping phone chargers tidy, organizing computer cables under your desk, or electric cables behind the flatscreen.

    The large cable straps are useful for tidying up long electric cables, thicker charging cords for your laptop, or extra long network cables.

    Pack of six small cable straps:
    Colours: Black, white, blue, green, red, yellow
    Length: 15 cm

    Pack of four large cable straps:
    Colours: Black, white, blue green
    Length: 25 cm

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