Capillary Mat for Irrigation, 60 cm x 200 cm

Large irrigation mat, cut to desired size
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    • Keep your houseplants alive and thriving
    • Water your plants while travelling
    • Suitable for indoor use or in the greenhouse

    This Capillary Mat keeps your houseplants alive and well while you're travelling or if you have difficulty making sure they stay watered. Best of all, the mat lets you water several plants at once. Just a single container of water and an adjacent storage area ensure that all the plants stay evenly watered at the same time.

    Cut the mat to the desired length and place one end in a watering can. Lay the rest of the mat on a bench and place potted plants on top of it. The mat pulls up the water from the reservoir and, through capillary action, spreads the water to the flowers and plants placed along it. The plants are kept moist and well-watered as long as there is water for the mat to absorb.

    The capillary mat is ideal for both indoor use and in the greenhouse. When used indoors, you can use the sink as a handy reservoir as most sinks have a large basin for water. The Capillary mat measures 2 metres by 60 centimetres. The mat has a protective bottom of PE plastic that helps keep the surface underneath it dry.

  • Article nr: 12047
    Stock availability: 4
    Length: 2 meter
    Material: Capillary matting with back of protective PE plastic
    Width: 60 cm

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Capillary Mat for Irrigation, 60 cm x 200 cm Capillary Mat for Irrigation, 60 cm x 200 cm
Large irrigation mat, cut to desired size
27.10 €
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