Citrus juicer

Strong lemon squeezer with ergonomic handle
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        • Perfect for squeezing lemons and limes
        • More power with less effort
        • Ergonomic handles

        Helix is a truly effective citrus juicer from Joseph Joseph that effectively squeezes out all the juice out of lime and lemons. The smart turning mechanism makes the juicer easy to use and you don't have to use as much force to squeeze the fruit as you do with a traditional lemon squeezer.

        Cut the citrus fruit in half and place one half in the citrus juicer with the cut surface facing down. Assemble the juicer by lining up the red dots on the side. Then press the handles together and squeeze the citrus fruit.

        The turning mechanism means that the upper part is slowly pressed down over the fruit. The handles give you a good grip and you don't have to work as hard to squeeze out the juice. Any pits are caught in the stainless steel strainer, which is easy to rinse after use.

        When you want to clean the citrus juicer, take the two parts apart and rinse them under running water. You can also wash the citrus juicer in the dishwasher.

        Material: BPA-free nylon, stainless steel
        Dimensions: 24.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 9.8 cm
        Design: Joseph Joseph

        NOTE! The video shows three different presses with slightly different designs. The citrus juicer you're purchasing is the yellow press.

      • Article nr: 13429
        Stock availability: 10
        Height: 9,8 cm
        Length: 24,5 cm
        Material: BPA-free nylon, stainless steel
        Width: 8,5 cm

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