Self-watering hanging plant pot

Hanging plant pot with self-watering function
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    • Perfect for beautiful summer flowers
    • Easy to hang in a roof hook
    • Water reservoir and water indicator

    The self-watering hanging pot from Lechuza is great for planting beautiful summer flowers and flower arrangements in. The plant pot is easy to hand from a roof hook and has an integrated water reservoir that supplies the flowers with water as well as a smart water indicator that shows when you need to refill with water.

    Easy to plant in
    The hanging pot is easy to plant in. You get a bag with small leca balls that you place in the bottom of the inner pot. Then fill it with soil and plant your plants.

    Water as usual for the first few weeks
    For the first few weeks (about 10-12 weeks depending on the plant) you should water the soil and the plant as usual. You can occasionally lift up the inner pot and check how far down the roots have stretched.

    Once the roots have found their way down through the soil to the leca balls, they are long enough for you to be able to start using the self-watering system.

    Then the plant takes care of itself
    The water reservoir makes it possible for the plant to supply itself with just the right amount of water. Fill the water reservoir by pouring water through the hole at the top of the inner pot.

    As the plant absorbs water through the roots, the float in the water indicator sinks and shows you how much water is left in the reservoir.

    Can be placed both indoors and outdoors
    The hanging pot has a small plug in the bottom that you remove when you place the pot outdoors. The plug allows excess rainwater to drain out from below and prevents the flower from becoming overwatered.

    Pull off the cover by hand or pry it off with a screwdriver. Then unscrew the plug and replace the cover.

    If you place the hanging pot indoors, screw the plug back in so that water doesn't overflow onto the floor when you fill up the water.

    Mount the plant pot
    Assemble the water indicator according to the instructions and place it in the small hole in the inner pot. Thread the three ends of the hanger into the holes on the outer pot. You can now hang the plant pot in a suitable roof hook. The hanging pot can of course also be placed on the ground, balcony, terrace or on any other flat surface.

    The hanging pot is made in Germany. The durable and high-quality PP-plastic is UV-resistant and prevents the pot from fading. The suspension device is made of stainless steel.

    Choose between two sizes
    The hanging pot is available in two models, 27 and 35.

    Hanging pot 27
    Diameter: 27 cm
    Height: 23 cm
    Water reservoir: 1.9 liters
    Cultivation volume: 6 liters
    Weight: 1.6 kg

    Inner pot: 24 cm in diameter, 15 cm high
    Maximum suspension weight: 10 kg
    Leca balls included.
    Roof hook not included.

    Hanging pot 35
    Diameter: 35 cm
    Height: 23 cm
    Water reservoir: 3,7 liters
    Cultivation volume: 11 liters

    Inner pot: 32 cm in diameter, 15 cm high
    Maximum suspension weight: 18 kg
    Leca balls included.
    Roof hook not included.

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    Material: PP plastic

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