Innovator: Rolf Rovaniemi

Defrosting towels, 2-pack

Absorbs water when you are defrosting freezers
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    • Absorbs up to five litres of water
    • Place in the bottom of the freezer
    • Makes it easier to defrost the freezer

    This super absorbent defrosting bag is incredibly useful when you want to defrost the freezer. Place it in the bottom of the freezer and it will absorb up to five litres of water.

    With this defrosting bag, you don't need to use any towels, saucepans or other cumbersome containers to catch dripping ice and water. A single defrosting bag is usually enough to absorb all the water from a freezer with a normal amount of frost.

    The defrosting bag absorbs any liquid that contains water and also comes in handy if you have some kind of water leakage. The absorbent material consists of cellulose and sodium polyacrilate. The bag around the absorbent material is made of a fibre material that contains polypropylene fibres.

    This combination ensures that the defrosting bag does not drip or leak, and when it is full you can simply throw it away with your regular household waste.

    The defrosting bags are made by the Swedish company Frida, which has been producing clever and effective household and cleaning products since 1947.

    Each pack contains 2 defrosting bags.
    The defrosting bag is a single-use product.
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Rolf Rovaniemi Rolf Rovaniemi
Defrosting towels, 2-pack Defrosting towels, 2-pack
Absorbs water when you are defrosting freezers
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