Shoe dryer Drysure

Dry the shoes without electricity, batteries or heat
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    • 12x more efficient than air drying
    • No electricity or heat needed
    • Counteracts bad odours

    Drysure is a pair of super-absorbent shoe dryers that absorb moisture and sweat and dry your shoes up to 12 times faster than if you let them air dry. Put the shoe dryers in your boots or running shoes overnight, and your shoes are dry and ready to use the next day.

    Perfect for damp and sweaty shoes
    The shoe dryer is practical to use for sports shoes, cycling shoes, golf shoes, hiking shoes, work shoes and all other shoes that become damp and sweaty after a day of activity. Drysure helps the shoes to dry faster and keeps the shoes fresh much longer. The faster drying also counteracts the growth of fungi and bacteria in the shoes that cause bad odours.

    Can be used anywhere
    Drysure does not need electricity or heat to work, which makes the shoe dryers excellent for heat-sensitive shoes. You can also use them everywhere and immediately after the shoes have been used. Perfect for trips and after a workout, as you can start drying the shoes as soon as you put them back in your gym bag.

    The shoe dryers are reusable and can be used up to 10 days/times before they need to be dehumidified. Make it a habit to dehumidify them regularly after use, so the shoe dryers are always ready to be used the next time your shoes get damp.

    Dehumidify the shoe dryers
    There are three ways to dehumidify the shoe dryers.
    1. Remove the bags and place them on a warm/hot radiator
    2. Remove the bags and place them in direct sunlight.
    3. The most efficient and fastest way is to take the bags out of their cases and place them in the oven. Set the oven to 100 C degrees and let the bags dry for 1-2 hours. Feel free to use the hot air function if available. DO NOT use the grill function.

    If there are longer periods between use, you can store the shoe dryers in a plastic bag. This will prevent them from absorbing moisture from the air.

    Approximate drying times
    Damp and sweaty sports, cycling and running shoes dry in about 4-6 hours. Boots and motorcycle shoes dry overnight.

    Protective hard plastic case
    The hard case protects the moisture-absorbing bag from coming into contact with your shoes. The case can be washed by hand in warm soapy water. Remove the hard plastic cover when reactivating the shoe dryers in the oven.

    The shoe dryer consists of a cloth bag with superabsorbent silica beads that are specially designed to maintain the air flow through the cloth bag.

    The shoe dryer is available in two sizes
    Small/Medium: Fits shoe sizes between 36-41 (4-7 UK).
    Large: Fits shoe sizes between 42-47 (7+ UK).

    Developed by ski enthusiast James Robbins
    The idea for the Drysure shoe dryer arose when James Robbins worked in Kitzbühel, Austria. During the day, the temperature changed from -18 ºC to +4 ºC and the thought of stuffing his feet in a pair of wet boots the next morning wasn't too appealing.

    James then began to devise an efficient shoe dryer that could dry shoes quickly, that did not require heat, electricity or batteries and that could be used over and over again.

    Wet shoes? Here's what to do!
    If your shoes are soaking wet, you should first take a few simple steps before using Drysure. Pour the water out of the shoes and place some newspaper inside. Once the newspaper has soaked up the water, warm the insides of the shoes with a hair dryer. Then put Drysure inside and the shoes will dry completely.

    DO NOT use the grill function on the oven when reactivating DrySure.
    DO NOT use a microwave oven.
    Drysure should NOT be immersed in water.
    DrySure should NOT be washed.
    Keep the shoe dryers away from children and animals.

    Model: Drysure Active
    Number of shoe dryers per package: 1 pair
    Weight S/M: about 450 grams
    Weight L: about 650 grams
  • Article nr: 13650
    Stock availability: 0
    Quantity per pack: One pair of DrySure shoe dryers

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